What Car Do You Drive? {+ Other Matters}

My Pink Car!

It’s Getting To Know You Tuesday. And, I’m happy to introduce my latest baby – Yvonne, my pink Festiva. Yes, a PINK car!

I got her a few weeks ago, on the 20th of October 2008. She’s a 1994 model, so she’s about 14 years old already. But, looking great for her age! Only 95K on her clock too.

I never thought I’m girly enough to ever enjoy the idea of driving a pink car. But, I soooo love this car. She looks great and drives well. Can’t ask for a better first car, given a limited budget.

Yes, this little pink car is my first car ever. Well, officially anyway.

You see, some of you might remember that I only started learning how to drive about 3 years ago. And, I got my first license just over 2.5 years ago.

Between then and now, I probably just have over a year’s worth of real driving. Partly because shortly after I got my license, I got pregnant with my second baby. Then, of course, after the baby, I didn’t feel like driving that much. Plus, I work from home, so…

That’s why even though I could have taken the test to take my P plates off last April, I opted not to just yet. I wanted to get more driving practice in. Hopefully, I’d be confident enough to take the test some time early next year.

Well, with the help of my new car, I’m definitely driving a lot more. And, feeling a bit more confident on the road.

Before Yvonne, I’ve been driving our blue Camry (called Woody!). But, while I was part of the process of purchasing Woody, it was more like a family car. Or, my husband’s. Not mine, you know? Prior to the Camry, my husband and I bought our very first car together when we first moved to Adelaide almost 6 years ago. A Toyota Starlet (yep, named Starla). But, never even got the chance to drive that car.

Anyway, I just thought I’d finally give Yvonne her official intro to the blogosphere. Besides, I promised to share pics. And, I’ve just been so busy that I only managed to take take pictures a few days ago.

Read on, as I’ve been tagged by Heather (one of my best, longtime online buddies) to share more things about me (and/or summarise what I’ve already shared) –

7 Things About Me:
(To keep in the spirit of this post, I’ll make cars the theme)

1) Well, as you already know, I drive a pink Festiva car! :-)

2) And, as I’ve also shared, I’ve only been driving for less than 3 years. I’m still on P Plates.

3) I’m a really nervous driver. But, I’m learning to get over this lack of confidence. Getting better, I think.

4) The first car I’ve ever wanted was a RAV4. Or a Volvo. Heh.

5) I’ve never been in a limo – until that short joyride with some b5ers and such during BlogWorldExpo ’08 in Vegas.

6) I’m not really a ‘car person’. I don’t long for the best, fastest, snazziest cars. It’s one of those things that I think about, only when I have to. So yeah, I’m not in to Top Gear. Admittedly, though, I’ve become a bit more car crazy since having Yvonne. Not enough to be converted to be part of the Top Gear crowd, though. 😀

7) With #6 now in place, if money were no object and I can buy any car right now – well, I probably wouldn’t care if I still drive Yvonne. But, an Alfa Romeo might be nice to have too, if I lived in a fancy house. Or a smart car. Maybe.

Oh, and yes, I’m tagging 7 other folks: Marjorie, iHanna, Dexie, Laurel, Jami, Em Dy, and sushi. Of course, you’re welcome to share ANY 7 things about you. I only used cars as a theme because I wanted to keep my post focused on one topic only.

And, if I didn’t put down your name but you still want to blog about 7 things about you or blog about YOUR CAR – then consider yourself tagged too. 😉

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  1. says

    1. I used to drive a 1978 Alfa Romeo gtv, I loved her dearly
    2. That is where my “online” name came from – it’s stuck
    3. I love top gear, and cars.. It’s about all that’s boy’ish about me!
    4. I hate sports…!! (Yes, really) except WRC!..err, and GP..and F1!! (Lewis!!)
    5. Yes, even cricket!!
    6. When I grow up – I want a Porsche, right after I get my Canon DSLR gold plated (almost a line from BMX Bandits!!)
    7. …Or another Alfa, so much personality!!

    Thanks Shai!! Cya


  2. says

    It’s a nice shade of pink too. Not too bright. Congrats on the new pink car, hehe. Thanks for the Tag. I’ll do mine tomorrow since I already posted something today.

    • says

      Hi, Dexie. Yes, that’s why I *love* it. It’s more like metallic pink than overly girly pink or something. It says more about “me” – I guess. 😀 And thanks for playing! :-)

  3. says

    It is a cute car! I am a bit of a rev head but since we had the kids we have had the very sensible little Kia Rio and I have to admit that I have grown top like it. It gets us where we need to go in a safe manner and is incredibly easy to park.
    But my favourite vehicle right now? My pram with toddler seat. The kids love to ride in it and I get the exercise I need, and we have everything we need within walking distance – shops, bank, post office and parks.

  4. says

    Hi Shai,
    What a lovely pink your new car is. Mum names her cars, too, but it’s just not something I’ve ever done. Don’t know why. Lol. Thanks for playing along, too. 😉

    • says

      Hi, Heather. No worries. Thanks for the tag. It was fun. And yeah… I dunno. Never named anything I owned before (except for dolls & such). But, I think hubby influenced me partly (his family names a lot of things). Also influenced by some folks I know. And now, it’s a habit I can’t break. I name a lot of things – cars, gadgets, and sometimes, even plants and furniture. 😀

  5. says

    Love the car! It’s such an awesome pink colour. I have a green car in a similar shade, cept it’s fading out a bit. It’s a Nissan Presea and I love it, cept now I wish it was pink!

    • says

      Hi, Nicola. LOL. 😀 Didn’t realise the difference a colourful car can make in to my psyche. I never really particularly longed for one. In fact, I tend to go on the “safer” side with these things – blue, silver, red… That’s why owning a pink car came such a surprise.

    • says

      Thanks, Kari! I was a pink girl as a kid. Then, I’ve become “purple woman”. And now, for some reason, I’m turning pink again. Well, purplish pink?! 😀

  6. says

    I’ve never officially owned my own car. Luckily, my parents have always provided one for their children. BUT, I am a very experienced driver! Been driving all sorts of vehicles since I was 17. My personal favorite is a Mitsubishi Pajero. I feel very safe, secure and confident when I drive one (my Mom owns one) Aside from that, we also own a very cute Kia Picanto thats colored like a green jelly bean! But this car is tiny! :p
    I’ve never been fond of pink, but I think the color suits you for sure! 😉
    Aside from Manila, I’ve also driven around London city for 6 months! :)

    Kumusta na si Cam and Hali? 😀

    • says

      Bea!!! Wow. How’re you? So good to hear from you again. It has been ages. Anyway, yes, that’s great that you get to drive things that your parents provided for you. :-) On pink being suitable for me – I find that really interesting. I never thought of myself as a “pink person” in particular, but now people say that it’s very “me”. Strange. :-) Anyway, the kids are fine. But growing up real quick! Too quick! Thanks for asking. We should catch up more. :-)

  7. says

    Love the car!!! It’s a cute subtle pink… not neon or garish. It’s perfect… very *you*, Shai. :)

    I think I’ll be doing that meme on Friday on my blog. I’m such a meme kleptomaniac :)

    • says

      Hi, Nenette! :-) No, I probably wouldn’t have liked it too much if it was too “loud”. Doesn’t really reflect me. I guess, I like being ‘different’ and ‘colourful’ – but not “loud” as a person. So, I suppose that’s why folks say it suits me? 😀 Anyway, thanks! Hope you do get to play!

    • says

      Thanks, blue rose. Glad you like it too. :-) And good luck with purchasing your car. It can be a stressful thing some times. But, when you find the right one, it’s great. :-) Looking forward to finding out what you get.

  8. says

    EEeekkK! You tagged me! I’m so tickled, but not sure what to write. I’ll have to think on it a little bit. I’ll post it this weekend. This will be fun!

    I love the new car! Pink has always been my favorite color in one shade or another. I’ve never had a pink car though. Most of the ones I have seen are custom painted and look like they came off of the Barbie doll shelf at the toy store. Yours doesn’t fit in that category at all. It is very pretty.

    • says

      Thanks, @LaurelPlum. I’m really more of a “purple” girl. Or blue. Or silver. 😉 That’s why a pink car was not something I’ve ever aspired to own. But, I sooo love this one. 😀 Thanks for the kind words!

  9. says

    1. I was born in Motown.
    2. On my 16th birthday my mother picked me up from school at lunch time so I could go get my driver’s license.
    3. Father, mother, brother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, great uncles, godfather all worked for car companies at one time; most all their working lives.
    4. I called my first car “the boat,” a pre-oil crisis (1973, not this year’s) Oldsmobile 98. It was huuuuuge! I didn’t have it for long as I was unable to find parking for it in the city.
    5. Living and working in the city I didn’t have much need for a car. My next car I had for 14 years and only put about 62,000 miles on it.
    6. Current car is a purple Jeep Cherokee (small SUV) with bad gas mileage, and of course since I’ve had it I’ve had to drive quite a bit on family matters and a job in the suburbs.
    7. When I’m ready for the next one, I’ll either go for a plug-in like the Chevy Volt (due in 2010 I think), or, if I’m then working in the city and can take the subway to work, I’ll just join a car share program.

  10. says

    Hi Shai,

    I don’t think I can drive a pink car… but then, i don’t wear pink shirt either…

    I have a blue Honda Civic. It’s also my first car, bought in Sept 2007.

    • says

      Hi, JO. Funny that, isn’t it? I wonder what is it about pink that turn you off? :-) In any case, I’ve never really dreamed I’d ever like driving a pink car. I can wear pink and own pink stuff. But, a car? Not even in my imagination did I think of buying one. But, this one feels right. So, ‘am happy. :-) Hope you’re enjoying your Honda Civic. I like Hondas. They seem really cool.