Web Wednesday #8: Top 20 Favourite WordPress Plugins

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsSome folks have been asking me about the different plugins I use in this blog. So, I thought I’d share them with you (in no particular order) –

1. AdSense Manager – I just recently discovered this plugin. I’m using it to make it easier for me to manage my AdSense stuff here. It’s donateware (the plugin author encourages you to donate part of your ads). I like it but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it.

2. Akismet – This is a massive lifesaver, when it comes to spam management. One of my biggest reservations when it comes to WordPress is just how attractive it is for spammers. Akismet helps to get rid part of that problem. Another anti-spam plugin I like is Spam Karma 2.

3. All-in-One SEO Pack – To help you with optimising your blog for search engines.

4. Backup WordPress – This is another newbie to me. I haven’t managed a recovery using this just yet, but I like that you can schedule automated back-ups with this plugin.

5. Democracy – You already know I like this for my polls.

6. eForm – If you want to have a built-in contact form on your WordPress blog like this one.

7. Feedburner FeedSmith – Also just discovered this. It helps to consolidate all your feed URL in to your Feeburner account.

8. FlickrRSS – If you use Flickr and you like to integrate it nicely in to your blog, then this is a nice plugin to have.

9. GeneralStats – To count your number of users, posts, comments, etc.

10. I Love Social Bookmarking – See the ‘Bookmark | Share’ link at the end of every post? This is the plugin that’s responsible for that. I really like it as a clean, easy way to ask folks to send my posts for Stumbling, Digging, Subscribing, etc. You can customise it as well.

Maintenance Mode11. Maintenance Mode – If you need to clean up your blog (upgrade, test new plugins, etc.), and you want to make sure you want to tell folks your blog is in maintenance mode, then this is a cool little plugin. You can customise the message that comes up (see sample image). Sweet.

12. NextGEN Gallery – This is currently what I’m using to display some of my paintings and photos. NextGEN Gallery Widget accompanies it as a plugin to display random images from your galleries.

13. Paged Comment Editing – I found this really useful when I have massive spam attacks and the comment section takes too long to load (and crashes). With this, I can break things up a bit – and it makes it easier to manage.

14. Quote Rotator – I love quotes, so this is a no-brainer for me. 😉

15. Related Posts – Helps to recommend other posts to readers and visitors.

16. Subscribe to Comments – I always think it’s a bit of a shame when bloggers don’t provide readers a way to follow conversations/comments on their blogs. I really like having that option. Especially if I can unsubscribe easily too. 😉

17. Top Commentators Widget – This is a great way to say thanks to folks who leave comments to your blog. I like this particular plugin because it enables me to reset the top commentators on a time span of my choice (daily, weekly, monthly, all time). I set mine to ‘Monthly’ and really enjoying seeing who makes it there. I make it a point to visit blogs that I find there often.

18. Twitter Tools – A handy way to display my latest Twits here. I can even Twitter from my sidebar (or admin). You can also get Twitter Tools to integrate between Twitter and your blog (archive your Twits and/or post your latest posts on Twitter).

19. Twit This – It’s a good way to encourage your readers and visitors to Twitter your posts.

20. WordPress Thread Comment and Yet another Threaded comments plugin – Enables a forum-like threaded view of the comments section. Enables folks to respond to each other.

So, there you go. My current Top 20. I’m sure I’ll add more and delete some in the future. But for now, these are the plugins that help add different functions and features to my blog.

If you’re on WordPress too, what are your favourite plugins? Can you recommend anything else?

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  1. says

    Now that I finally upgraded WP I will have to check out some new plugins as well. Maybe I will look into the gallery or quote one. I love quotes way to much to not pay it a looksie :)

    • says

      Kari: It’s so much fun playing with plugins and widgets. If I had all the time in the world, I’ll be testing everything that caught my fancy. :-) Let me know how you like those plugins!

  2. says

    Great list! I just upgraded to wordpress from Movable Type and love it. I noticed the neat little tool that allows you to view the rest of your post without reloading the page…is that a plugin?

    • says

      Justin: Cool. I was an MT convert before too. Sort of. :-) Anyway, I believe it’s this particular theme I’m using, not a plugin. This theme has AJAX functions. Unfortunately, I can’t explain much more ’cause I’m not well versed with AJAX. But, I think that’s what it is.

  3. says

    Thanks for the info on your Bookmare/Share WP plugin. I’m going to install that today and remove my Add to Any. :)

    My faves:
    -Google XML Sitemaps (easily creates an xml sitemap for you to submit to Google. and it auto-updates!)
    -Wordpress Mobile Edition by Alex King (when a user visits your blog via a mobile/cell/tablet PC, your blog is optimized for mobile viewing automatically!)
    -I also just installed Ad Rotator, which allows you to rotate your image ads. Helps prevent ad blindness and frees up more room since it can rotate up to 6 ads.

    • says

      Jami: Yeah… you’re one of the inspiration for this post. :-) Actually, I do have Ad Rotator installed too. Except I’m not using it for this site. But, I am on some other blogs. I should check that Mobile Ed and the XML sitemaps some time. Thanks!