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    Now that I finally upgraded WP I will have to check out some new plugins as well. Maybe I will look into the gallery or quote one. I love quotes way to much to not pay it a looksie :)

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      Kari: It’s so much fun playing with plugins and widgets. If I had all the time in the world, I’ll be testing everything that caught my fancy. :-) Let me know how you like those plugins!

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    Great list! I just upgraded to wordpress from Movable Type and love it. I noticed the neat little tool that allows you to view the rest of your post without reloading the page…is that a plugin?

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      Justin: Cool. I was an MT convert before too. Sort of. :-) Anyway, I believe it’s this particular theme I’m using, not a plugin. This theme has AJAX functions. Unfortunately, I can’t explain much more ’cause I’m not well versed with AJAX. But, I think that’s what it is.

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    Thanks for the info on your Bookmare/Share WP plugin. I’m going to install that today and remove my Add to Any. :)

    My faves:
    -Google XML Sitemaps (easily creates an xml sitemap for you to submit to Google. and it auto-updates!)
    -Wordpress Mobile Edition by Alex King (when a user visits your blog via a mobile/cell/tablet PC, your blog is optimized for mobile viewing automatically!)
    -I also just installed Ad Rotator, which allows you to rotate your image ads. Helps prevent ad blindness and frees up more room since it can rotate up to 6 ads.

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      Jami: Yeah… you’re one of the inspiration for this post. :-) Actually, I do have Ad Rotator installed too. Except I’m not using it for this site. But, I am on some other blogs. I should check that Mobile Ed and the XML sitemaps some time. Thanks!


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