Web Wednesday #3: 5 Cool Finds + Adelaide Bloggers’ Meet-up

Web WednesdayTime for another round of web goodness that I found over the last week.

1. CoverItLive – A tool for liveblogging. Great for conferences, events, virtual parties, news coverage, etc. Video, text, pictures… Looks really cool. And it’s free! Will definitely try it when I get the chance. Wonder if it’s better to use this than uStream?

2. DPS posted this very useful DIY Flash and Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers article. Will definitely try some of these lighting set-ups some time.

3. Thinking of learning Photoshop Elements? Try About’s Graphic Software’s free tutorials.

Paint Like Jackson Pollock

4. Paint like Jackson Pollock. Yep, that’s how I made that image you see above. You’ll need Flash to make it work, though.

5. My First Mac – For new Mac users… and anyone thinking of becoming a Mac convert. Lots of tutorials, tips and ideas. Oh, and writing of Macs, what do you all think of the new Macbook Air? I thought I’d be back to MacLusting when it launches… But, I’m not too impressed. Definitely not getting in to my wish list. Won’t say no to a freebie, though. 😉

It was fun to hold this little game. And, it looks like Mary Jo was right. “Under Old Chaos” is the opposite of “Under New Management.” Duh me. I do like Angela‘s creative twist, though. 😉 So, if you two are interested, please email me (shaicoggins AT gmail DOT come) your mailing address. Would love to send something to say thanks for playing.

Oh, and if you’re based in Adelaide… Finally decided to organise a meet-up. It’ll be on the 25th of January, 7pm, Friday. Still going to finalise the location. I wanted a place with free WiFi, but unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere convenient. :-( In any case, there’s a poll on suggested locations. Feel free to let me know if you’ve got other ideas…

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  1. says

    I have had PS Elements for quite some time but have yet to use it because I’m so busy. I am taking a workshop in the spring for Elements though and I can’t wait!

  2. ajacx says

    do you know i am impress by your success !! i am adding you as my friend on facebook.. i have one request…

  3. says

    Angela: Awww… Well, thanks again anyway! But, if you do feel like receiving a little something in the mail, please don’t hesitate to contact me, okay? 😉