Web Wednesday #26: Mac Apps, Education, and Random Goods

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsSince it has been a few weeks since the Web Wednesday installment, I thought now might be a good time to share with you some of my favourite web finds lately…

Mac Apps

  • Alarm Clock 2 – This simple app allows Mac users to use an alarm / stopwatch / timer on your machine. I find this to be useful when giving myself some time reminders while working on the computer, as it’s easy to lose of track time when you’re busy writing/blogging/surfing the web/researching. Handy too, if you want to set yourself a time limit for certain tasks (Set a timer for when you’re allowed to go on Facebook or Twitter, perhaps? Eeps.).
  • The Hit List – I’ve always been a fan of GTD-type applications. I like making lists. I know it’s useful to have a good organiser. I’ve tried several already, but I can’t seem to stick to one system for some reason. My latest attempt at organising my To Dos and such is The Hit List. I’m really loving it so far. But, we’ll see if I love it enough to pay the $49.95 licensing fee to keep it.
  • Aeon Timeline – If you’re trying to sort out some kind of timeline for genealogy, your writing, or any other possible project, this free app might suit you. It’s still currently in beta and available for free.


Miscellaneous Goodies

And, since you know that I’m currently working with Nurse Uncut, I thought I’d bring your attention to some NU stuff again… :-)

May you enjoy your web travels!

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  1. says

    I will have to check these out next week when things hopefully slow down. This is the last week for my Fri night/Sat all day class, so I am hopefully that i can get back to a smoother schedule and get back to my blog reading and writing (I miss it).

    I hope the NU gig is treating you well, and that you are enjoying yourself!

    • says

      Hey, Kari. Good to know that things will slow down a bit for you and you can catch up on a few things that you enjoy doing. And yes, NU’s been good. Thanks! :-)