This Blog is on Vacation

family-vacation-cartoon-billy-alexander.jpgSo, I shared my grand blogging plans just a couple of days ago. And already, I’m due to skip days. Just as well my month-long stint with NaBloPoMo’08 is over now. 😉

You know, I actually had my blog stuff all planned out – in terms of pre-posting and such, because I was really hoping that I can continue to update this blog whilst I’m away. Unfortunately, a couple of things threw me off course. So, I just gotta get going, as I can’t go ahead with pre-posting blog entries when I’ve got a plane to catch in a couple of hours. And, I still haven’t packed (or slept, for that matter)!

But, I thought I’d let you all know what’s happening before I disappear for a few days.

Anyway, yes, I gotta take some time off from my online world, as my family and I are going on a short trip out of town in the next few days to meet some good friends who’re flying in to Oz from overseas. It’ll be great to catch up – and have a bit of a break too. I’m not sure if I’ll get any internet connection at all during the trip, so I can’t promise to check in.

However, I’ll definitely look forward to catching up with you all (and the blogging) when I get back.

By the way, for 52WoCers: We still have 2 tasks running – Random Comment Love (#35) and Interview Time (#34). So, please feel free to join in anytime while they’re up. I’m hoping to do the round-ups and to share a new task next week.

Until then, take care. And, have a great weekend (+ week ahead)!



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    I wanted to share something. I have a recent blog post that I really wanted comments on, so I reached out with an email to specifically ask folks to comment. I reached out to past commenters and also to bloggers I had identified as living in my neighborhood. Re: the latter, even though their blogs’ subject matters are unrelated to mine, the fact that they live in the neighborhood makes their comments relevant to mine.

    Results have been good. Obviously it takes some work, and I would not do this nor recommend it on a regular basis, but for when you’re really looking for input.

  2. says

    Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! Really enjoyed the trip – so your good vibes must’ve worked. :-)

    Lynn – Thanks for sharing that. Sounds really cool. Congrats on the good results. :-)