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    In the past, when it comes to blog comments, I’ve always taken an in-between approach. If there is a need to prevent comments due to some kind of repeated ‘verbal’ abuse, I ban comments on a case-by-case basis via IP address.

    I’m not a big fan of blogs that don’t allow the interaction you write about, because most things one-sided are no fun at all. One of my favorite authors banned comments on her site, which had previously had very heavy comment traffic. I think it hurts both the author and readers who have insightful things to share and exchange. Unfortunately, the author went that way because of some repeated abusive commenters that ruined it for everybody. You can still interact with the author on FB and Twitter, but it’s just not the same.

    I hope that you will always have comments open here, as your readers always seem to be highly insightful, creative and good peeps :)
    Kari recently posted..Holiday 2012 Card InspirationMy Profile

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    Admittedly, I have considered that as well before. But me being me, such thoughts are often a result of “nobody commented, well, I must suck. Let’s close comments so I don’t have to think about me sucking.” Again, I’m a sore loser.

    But similarly, I love the interaction, I love the engagement. And I still have a little leap of joy in my heart when I see a new comment come through.

    I think comments are a beautiful thing. And that trolls will always happen. Haters will hate, so why let them bring you down?
    Celeste@Becoming Beautiful recently posted..Jobless and the myriad of feelings that come with it.My Profile

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      Ah, Celeste. My blog is killing me. I’ve typed my response to you TWICE now. And, both times, they got lost in cyberspace. Maybe not the time to share! :)

      So, I think I might have to leave it for now and try to blog my response to you one day.

      In any case, thanks for sharing. I think we’ve all been there before. And you’re right. We can’t focus on the bad stuff. Especially when too many good stuff happen most of the time. :)

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