Tell Me About You

Maybe it’s the psychology training that I have had for many years. It’s just that, I always have this compulsion to get to know the people I talk to. In this case, the people who read this blog.

You see, I’m curious. I want to know if the people who find this blog are mostly males or females… Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s? What do you do with your life? Are you a blogger too? How did you find this blog? How often do you come to visit? What topics interest you the most?

If you humour me and tell me all about you, I promise to do these things:

1) I’ll visit your blog. If you have one, that is. And, if you leave the link when you comment here.

2) I’ll leave a comment or two in your blog. Maybe more, if you convert me as a regular reader.

3) I’ll tell you at least ONE thing that I like about you/your blog. I might even write all about you!

And yes, I promise that I WON’T psychoanalyse you. :cheese: Besides which, I’m not licensed to practice right now. ‘am off-duty.

In any case, I look forward to knowing more about YOU.

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    Hi Shai,
    I’m Yoli. I’m a female, 20 years old. I came across your site when a friend tweeted your “Blog/Social Media Lessons from Oprah” article. I really enjoyed the content and writing style. You seem very friendly.
    I’ve been blogging on tumblr for a while, however, I started a blog that’s more personal and professional on WordPress. I write about fitness, advertising, social media and some other things. I look forward to reading more from you. Have a great day!

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      Thanks, Yoli! Great to “meet” you. Always fascinated to get to know readers and visitors of Studio Notes. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come & say hello again some time. :)

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    Aww… I think more posts of you psychoanalyzing the people running other blogs would be a big hit! A lot of those “blog review” sites are pretty popular. This angle could really make yours unique, especially if you just went off on what little info you had on them. Could be funny!

    Answers: Found your site through blogclicker, Male, late 20’s, just started blogging — never thinking I would ever. Wanted to randomly look at other blogs to see if any were worth reading. (Thus, blogclicker)

    Still checking out the podcastings. The 2 I have listened to so far are only talking about the podcasts themselves. ??. I would like to see daily podcasts, about anything at all, with less worry about the quality and feedback of each one. You have a great voice, let’s hear it.

    FROM SHAI: Read what I wrote about Smoking Tongue

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    Ha ha .. I agree with that guy!! I also think more posts of you psychoanalyzing people writing blogs would be funny! :)

    I’m in my early 30’s, female, found you through Genuine, which I found through BlogExplosion.

    I’ve always loved writing, poems mainly. I found online journals through my second divorce. I use to write my journal manually by html and posting it to a webpage!

    I do have a blog, mainly just daily rants. Professionally I’m an administrative assistant. And I try and visit my blogs every other day .. I have a huge list of people I like!

    FROM SHAI: Meet Mercy and Kim

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    Interesting question to ask.

    I am a woman in the last few months of my 30’s and by January will be a proud 40 year-old. Found your blog through your guest blogging at ProBlogger.

    My daytime business is book marketing, but my blog is all about scrapbooking.

    I visit your site when I have time to run through MyYahoo page, otherwise I miss out. What I like best about your blog is your ability to ask interesting questions. Makes me wish I could meet you at a neighborhood BBQ.

    FROM SHAI: Meet Mercy and Kim

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    Male. 40’s. Found you from and wondered if you did your own blog thing. Keep coming back because you have a style that I like — and a fresh voice in the blogosphere.

    FYI — be sure your comments on my blog are good. You know, I now have a series on comments where I post about them. ;-)


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    Male, 35. My wife and I recently quit our jobs and moved from NY to AZ. My blog is a bit about that, about our experiences so far in this whole “other world” that is the southwest, and about how we both finally have the chance to enjoy ourselves and express our artistic sides. Found your site through BlogClicker.

    FROM SHAI: Of Kings, Wontars and Congos

  7. says

    What a great idea! I won’t ask you to funnel any more of your energy towards me because you already give me too much. ;) But I think this would make a great meme. I may post it myself.

    FROM SHAI: Read 3 Wonderful Blogging Women

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    Hi there, Shai! This is a great idea. I’ve answered your questions here, and asked them myself at Speckblog (crediting you, of course).

    1. Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s? — I’m going to be 30 in September. Booo!

    2. What do you do with your life? — I’m a mama of a 10 month old. I work as a secretary. And I’m supposed to be going back to school in late August, but there are some bugs still to work out. I also spend much of my time being neurotic and would welcome, with great relief, any psychoanalyzation you could see your way to doing.

    3. Are you a blogger too? — I do indeed also blog:

    4. How did you find this blog? — Through Cottontimer. I have no original thoughts, so I steal hers.

    5. How often do you come to visit? — This is my Very First Visit to your non-aboutweblogs site. I like it!

    6. What topics interest you the most? — I’ll have to take a good look around!

    FROM SHAI: Read 3 Wonderful Blogging Women

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    Hello Shai.

    My name, is Frank. I am 28. I am a writer- that is, in training. I’m going to start an MFA fiction program next month at UC Irvine, and I’m moving from NYC to the west coast next week. I’m going on a cross country mission!

    Indeed, I am a blogger, and a newbie at that. I started my blog to chronicle my learning experience at the MFA program. I talk about film, art, writing- anything that I can relate to fiction and story-telling.

    Your site I found while trying to gather info about blogs on It was so helpful! I knew nothing, and your posts there got me started- so thanks for that. In a way, you’re like my blog’s godmother. Or a great Aunt. Then I found your personal blog, and have subscribed since. I like your site, you always have nice ideas, and you have great personality as well, which makes your blog enjoyable. I check it once a week.

    I orginally came to your blog for tech info, so I guess those are the posts I look for. But I read whatever you write.



    FROM SHAI: On Revisiting a Reader Project and Leaving Marks

  10. says

    I ran across your weblog while searching for the best blogging software. I want to see if there’s anything better out there other than Blogger.

    Here’s my getting-to-know-you info:
    I’m male, in my 30s, a doctor-blogger who started a year ago, from the Philippines, and I have bookmarked your weblog because you got pretty interesting topics. Plus, your random art at the upper right hand corner makes me want to refresh your webpage always.

    FROM SHAI: On Revisiting a Reader Project and Leaving Marks

  11. says

    Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?
    I’m female and in my mid-20s.

    What do you do with your life?
    For the past year and a bit I’ve been living in Tokyo. I study Japanese at uni, and then work part-time as a writer/sub editor/web person for an English language magazine here. Apart from that I like taking photos, making stuff (cooking, sewing, knitting…), reading and going to movies.

    Are you a blogger too?
    Yep – I started my blog,, to keep track of my experiences here in Japan. Mostly it’s just little snippets and photos of things I’ve seen – sometimes mundane, sometimes a bit strange!

    How did you find this blog?
    I followed a link from

    How often do you come to visit?
    This is my first visit! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts though and looking at your artwork – the paintings are gorgeous. I’ll be back…

    What topics interest you the most?
    I really liked the one about “how to be a good blogger” (something I needed to read!) and the ones about what you like/don’t like about Australia made me smile – I’m Australian, but have lived overseas for a long time, so could relate! And the links to web-related resources are interesting. :lol:

    FROM SHAI: On Revisiting a Reader Project and Leaving Marks

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    Hi Shai!
    The bits and pieces about me?
    Just turned 26yr old female,yes blogger :) What do I do with my life? Well, if I’m not working my butt of for Sony Pictures, you will find me running, stretching at asthanga yoga or shaking my booty at hiphop dance classes. I also love reading, writing, painting occasionally, cooking and just chilling with friends and family. You would probably guess, that I’m pretty hyper and can’t sit still!

    I found you through Karen Cheng. Your unique name caught my eye, so here I am, visiting because you’ve got me intrigued. This is my first visit, it won’t be my last ;)

    I myself blog about almost everything, from my training runs, to posting food pictures, random gripes and happy thoughts, and just basically sharing who I really am. My blog used to be themed “Diaries of a Shopaholic”, to find out what is the new theme currently, surf on by ;)

    Nice meeting you, take care!

    FROM SHAI: On Revisiting a Reader Project and Leaving Marks

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    Hi Shai,
    I’m female in my late 40’s. Two of my three kids recently left home and I’m starting to paint after a long career in part-time teaching and full-time homeschooling. I live on a remote island off the Washington Coast in NW American and blog partly to communicate with friends and relatives. For that reason, I write mostly about my day or about what’s going on in my mind, and avoid comments about friends and relatives! Which is way out of character for me. I heard about you because I like Karen Cheng’s blog. You can’t leave comments on my blog because I code it myself and don’t really know what I’m doing. I might figure it out some day but life is more interesting, usually, than learning more xhtml.

    READ FROM SHAI: Meet Readers: Julie, Kari, Jim, Mark, Judebabe

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    Hey Shai :)

    I’m a twenty-five year old female that makes a living as an administrative assistant/designer. I’ve been blogging quite awhile before I even knew what a blog was I guess. Usually I just blog about life, relationships, etc. You can view this at . I found your blog if I remember correctly through google. I come here for laughs and inspiration on a weekly basis. I like when you give blogging tips or just rant about what’s going on in your life. It’s one of my blog addictions, so keep up the great work!

    READ FROM SHAI: Meet Readers: Julie, Kari, Jim, Mark, Judebabe

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    Hi, Shai. What a great idea and opportunity, thanks for the meet/greet — I think I’ll do the same on my blog! Your blog is very personable and warm

    I do software engineering at a big media firm in NYC. I’m a married man in my early 40’s with two children and a third on the way. I found your blog on BlogClicker — this is my first time here, but I’ll check in every now and then. I blog a lot about politics and religion, but like to mix it up a bit with stuff I’m reading, unusual links on the Internet, etc. Mostly I do blog to keep myself focused, to force my mind out into the world.

    Again, thanks a bunch.

    READ FROM SHAI: Meet Readers: Julie, Kari, Jim, Mark, Judebabe

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    Hey, Shai,

    What can I say that the others aint already said? Shit site, hate the pic, lousy idea – but that would be lying! And one thing I can’t help myself from doing is telling the truth (!) I think that definitely requires psychoanalysis! It’s a failing in a blog too, because so many people take offense and, I’m like, why? But it’s the truth? So I write about being a baby hater, the truth being as ugly as I am beautiful, and that’s just in the rundown in the last couple of days from a pretty exhaustive weekend blogging, so you get the picture? You’re cute, I am too, can we f**k – you see, it’s that damn honesty I hate about myself the most! I found your site trawling for an understanding, sympathetic single woman in London and I end up with a b****y psychologist! Just my luck! Think I got a post to write now, take care, it’s been fun being here. Hope you’re not offended like everyone else.


    (I mean!)

    Take Care


    aka s4essene!

    READ FROM SHAI: Meet Readers: Julie, Kari, Jim, Mark, Judebabe

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    Hey, I forgot to give you all my blog: Was I Write and I also forgot to mention the nude pics, Shai, and you promised a review! (Do you think I sound bad? Like a pervert or something? I’m really not like that, honestly.) And I told you how I found your site and this is my first time here so you got to go…easy on me – I know, I am SO bad AND I bet you get this ALL the time, and I bet if you’re really honest, the weirdos don’t interest you at all. F***k *t, the world’s full of them, and there are plenty of blogs like mine, so Shai’s readers, don’t bother, I’m being honest for once.

    Take Care

    Still love you Shai – it’s that f*****g pose, that’s alll, it’s beautiful and…confident!


    aka (again) s4essene (sorry!)

    P.P.S. Guess what secret word I have to type in now, ‘Enough91!” Aint that hysterical…

    READ FROM SHAI: Meet Readers: Julie, Kari, Jim, Mark, Judebabe

  18. Sunny Stewart says

    Hi, this is Sunny again. Listen, I didn’t even bother to listen to your podcast or ready any of your stuff because I know it’s all useless. It’s funny you would assume I would download your podcast? What gives you that idea? What are you doing on the web anyway? Can’t you find something you’re good at?

  19. says

    Sunny Stewart: I assumed such a thing because you gave a “review” of my work. I had the impression that people who give such opinions and reviews actually do so intelligently. Obviously, I gave you too much credit. Don’t worry – it won’t happen again.

  20. says

    Hi Shai,

    Wonderful name by the way. I found your blog via a post you made on Ryze. Most of the self promotional blogs on Ryze are sub-par in terms of content, style and credibility. But yours is a very refreshing change from those out there!

    To answer your questions…

    I’m in my mid 20s, and I’m always looking for things and projects to do to fill my life with different experiences. I’m definitely a blogger. I’m intrigued by the prospects of being a professional blogger, what does it take? But even so, blogging is more of an enjoyment for myself. Somehow I don’t like the idea of writing dairies but blogs are different. I love to keep my friends and family close, and making new friends through blogging is certainly an entertaining thought.

    This is my first time on your blog, but I always subscribe to blog contents via RSS, so I may come back more often. On first glance of your site, I’d agree with what’s been commented, that a blogcritic type of content would certainly be great with someone of your expertise. But otherwise, I enjoy personal entries about discoveries you find on the net or of yourself.


  21. says

    Hi Shai,
    You see, I’m curious. I want to know if the people who find this blog are mostly males or females… Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s? What do you do with your life? Are you a blogger too? How did you find this blog? How often do you come to visit? What topics interest you the most?

    I’m a 40 year old male. I take care of my wife and son. I’m a blogger ( I found this blog through the usual flitterbug method. I was looking for a podcasting client, found a list on in your WebLog section, saw that you were the moderator (good job by the way!), visited your personal blog and saw the sidebar link to talk back to you.

    This is my first visit, but I bookmarked you in my RSS reader already (plus bookmarked the site). I’m interested in any topic, but I like techno-gadgets, roleplaying games, boardgames and books the most. I also like reading about people and what they are thinking.

    I liked what I’ve read so far of your blog. I especially liked the articles on what makes a good blogger. Definitely something to live up to!

    Regards from Texas.

  22. says

    Trying to answer your questions in order…

    I am in my early twenties.
    I’m soon starting my fifth year of undergrad college. I’m no longer concerned about if I’m at the right college, or pursuing the right major, or if I’ll ever find a job. I just want to graduate.
    I am a blogger.
    I found you because of Karen Cheng, another mommie blogger.
    This is my third visit since Karen mentioned you.
    I think that you psychoanalyzing people by their blogs would be amazing.

  23. says

    Hi Shai, I’m Melanie from “Diary of a Psycho Soccer Mom”. I found you through Mercy at “The Sacred Frosted Cheerio”. I find your blog very interesting. Thought I’d drop you a line in case you ever want to drop by and check me out. I’m just your ordinary soccer mom detailing the crazy things I like, do and that happen to me on a daily basis. Anyway, that’s it. See ya. M

  24. says

    Hi, I just commented on another of your posts but I’m on a procrastination role right now so here I go.

    I’m a 35 year old female. I’ve been freelancing since 2001, off and on before then. Most of my income comes from web development. I’m a painter and trying to steer my life more towards painting and illustration. I write a little. I’m in the middle of a software book at the moment, if it doesn’t kill me first.

    I’ve been blogging for a long while. I started keeping a music site in 1997 and then a more personal blog in 2000. I always kept a writing journal and I guess I’m a bit of a show off so I took naturally to sharing my personal life with the world. I found this blog by typing something like “freelance writer blog” in a search engine. I just found you today. I like your writing style and range of topics. I really liked the zoo of you. and enjoyed reading about blog A-lists.

  25. says

    hi shai, interesting thing going on here. anyway, joining the bandwagon, here are my answers to your questions:

    1. Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?
    im 25 years old, but having late teenage angst or early midlife crisis.

    2. What do you do with your life?
    what am i doing with my life? i’ve been asking the same question… i am an engineer.

    3. Are you a blogger too?

    4. How did you find this blog?
    from a link that i clicked in another link, which i clicked from another link… long story.

    5. How often do you come to visit?
    first time to visit here. will visit again… maybe on a regulaar basis.. i don’t know. let’s see.

    6. What topics interest you the most?
    other than the techie things that surround me everyday, i guess i am also interested in that psychoanalysis thinga yours. i do that to myself and some other people, i guess i always wanted to understand things… or people… or me.

  26. says

    I’ve been reading your blog since I was 32. Now Im 36. That just goes without saying that I’m going to read your blog til I or you gets tired (whoever gets to it first) or get to my 90s. I do it with pictures, and lists and palindromes and other things. I’m a fan of your art and will always be reading your blogs for them. I can go on and on, but Im leaving space for others…ha!

  27. says

    Hi Shai,

    I am an early 30’s female blogger. I actually just started blogging one month ago. One of the first things I did was take your web course. I really liked it and thank you by the way.

    I am a salesperson/horse-trainer/horseback riding instructor/blogger. I have a lot of slashes in my profession/s too!.


  28. says

    Hello Shai…I’m 26 years old, and I work in an archive as an audio visual specialist. I do have a blog, it’s relatively new but I’ve had variations of online journals since I was at university.
    I found your blog through a link that I followed from Karen Cheng’s site only today! I found your post about A-lists very interesting, so now I think I have a lot of catch up reading to do here…

  29. says

    Hi Shai!

    My name is Doug. My wife and I are both 42 and make North Carolina our home. I work in the engineering department of a plastics company and my wife is a paralegal for a major bank. In 2002, we traveled to China and adopted a beautiful little girl who is the love of our life. She was 8 months old at the time and is now 3-1/2 years old.

    I began a blog – Henderson Home Online – about a year ago to let family and friends keep up with what’s happening in our family. We would love to have you drop by.

    I found your site through the ExpressionEngine review at

  30. says

    Hi Shai! I’m a blogger too. I found you through the Qumana blog about your 1000 post goal. It’s a worthy goal and I’ve signed up myself. However, I’m quite short and I’ve been blogging a year and a half. Most of my blogs are technical related. Sometimes a rant or two will pop out of my head. Quite a few of them so far have just been links to cool things I’ve found on the web, but I intend to have more entries where I actually tell about what I’m thinking and what I’m interested in.

    Oh, btw, I’m 38 and have a beautiful wife and incredible little two year old girl.

  31. says

    Great Blog Shai! I found it through and then BlogPulse where it showed your blog linked to my site in re: the “50 Writing Tools” lead.

    Of course we are already acquainted as fellow Guides at, but I’ll share the details you like:

    I’m 49, married for 2 years (9/30) to my high school sweetheart (took us 30 years to get back together) and we are the proud parents of my 8-yr-old son and 11-yr-old daughter, and two very interesting hamsters.

    What do I do with my life? YIKES. Try to keep it from whirling out of control. Ok, Here goes: I am Wife, Mom, Artist, Writer, Seamstress, Volunteer-aholic, Sister, Mentor, Friend, Fledgling Web Builder (3 personal sites in progress), and Cub Scout Co-Den Leader.

    I am the Guide to Single Parents at, and own my own sewing and decorating businesses under the Dianne Hadaway umbrella. They are Sew-Gifted, MamasPocketbook, and Hadaway Home.

    I recently went on my very first ever camping trip with our Cub Scout pack and am currently under volunteer services to sew 40 pirate costume vests and red satin sashes for our the pack.

    I am simultaneously trying to learn to use DreamWeaver and to create websites for my business ventures. I am almost totally insane (there, I’ve said it for you, so you don’t need to analyze me, you don’t have that kind of time! LOL!)

    I am mentoring a friend through Prep for an About site (more as emotional support and encouragement than anything else, but you will understand the load that can be!)

    At the moment I have about 25 current books to read and review, 54 magazines to finish (research – that’s my story, I’m sticking with it), one eBay package to mail out, 5 loads of laundry to fold, about 2 dozen emails to respond to (that I’m going to bother responding to), and about 6 phone calls to make before 2 kids with homework get here in an hour, a friend in the hospital to visit tonight, and dinner to still figure out.

    That’s the short list of what I’m doing with my life.

    Damn, I forgot to take my ADD meds today too! Its a wonder I can function at all. Maybe I will let you analyse me after all!

    Topics of interest: Family, Home, Decor, Art, Creativity, Sewing, Frugal Living, Purses, Fabrics, and believe it or not SIMPLIFYING MY LIFE!!

    You should add Video Maker to your list Shai! :coolsmirk: ~ Dianne

  32. says

    Hi Shai,

    hope you still remember me, we excahnged messages i think once or twice. By the way, i linked your site to mine if you dont mind.

    All the best for you…. and of course to your family!

  33. says

    I started blogging as an outlet for some pent up creative juices, and followed the advice everyone gives writers — write what you know about.

    I’ve chosen to remain anonymous in my writing because it allows me to be a bit more honest. I can rant or rave about something without fear of reprisal at my job.

    I found your blog through a link to your 1000 posts article, checked it out, and added it to my RSS reader. We’re in different parts of the world, and I enjoy not only your personal outlook on life, but the geographical and cultural differences as well. And by the way, I’m nowhere near 1000 posts, having started blogging only about six weeks ago.

    Fly Girl

  34. says

    Found you through BlogClicker — stumbled through. 25 years old. Male. Finishing up a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at the University of Kentucky. Doing the job search. There’s a private firm in town that’s in need of MFTs and if I really get sick of Kentucky, there’s a cool opportunity in Knoxville, TN. Multisystemic therapy. Intense but small case loads. Community resources. I really like video games, volleyball, hanging with friends; can admire creative writing, fun/humorous blog entries, and a laidback and observational style.

  35. phoenix says

    Where to begin. . . .

    Demographically, I’m a middle-aged white male; geographically, I’m a circumstantial Texan; philosophically, I’m eclectic. Spiritually? Tantric and proud of it.

    I have far too many degrees in English, none of which has paid for itself. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist, which is the closest thing to a “calling” I’ve ever had. I should have listened, I think. Are we only allowed one per life, I wonder. I’m listening carefully for another these days.

    I’ve traveled many roads looking for happiness and success, always worried that the one I was on was the wrong one. Then I met Lea, and I realized that every step, every stumble, every foray into the thorny underbrush had led me to her. Suddenly, no regrets: major paradigm shift.

    Now I’m here, writing my first ever blog comment. Why I’m doing so is a mystery to me at this point, but as Cat Stevens put it, I’m “on the road to find out.”

    So, let’s just see where this path leads. . . .

  36. says

    I am a 23 year old graduate student at University of Oregon. I just started my grad degree this year. I lived in Flagstaff, AZ before that, and Albuquerque, NM before that.

    I am a music student and will be getting my degree in violin performance and pedagogy.

    I found your blog via blogclicker, and have enjoyed checking back for updates.

    When I’m not practicing or blogging I am either reading, knitting, or writing (especially this month).

  37. says

    Hi Shai, I’m toni, from spain, I’m writer, poems, and erotic writings, i have various blogs about poetry, protography, short erotic stories, and kitchen recipes.
    I’m MBA and i like to know people of other countries, married with a son, 11 years old.
    I retourn to your site in order to read more about you, but, i’m not interested in my psichoanalisis, probably because i’m a little fool..hahahaha
    thanks, see you soon

  38. says

    this invitation is very interesting. it sure is a good way to get to know your readers.

    well, i’m gail, 21, blogger of a few years, keeps too many blogs but is trying to stick to three at blogspot: one for regular ramblings, one to get myself going in my application to medschool, the other for my obsession with

    I found you through when i was looking for mood indicators. I thought I recognized your name from other pinoy’s blogs.

    it’s very nice to meet you. :)

  39. says

    I am a 42 year old man from Indiana. I lived in Indiana until I was 19 years old.
    After high school I went into the United Sates Navy from 1982-1991 I served at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. and on board the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy (CV-67) in Norfolk, VA,, I left the Navy after desert storm with a honorable discharge. I had intended to peruse a career as a magician and I did for a brief period, now it a part time sometime gig at best.
    Now many jobs later I find myself working as the Compliance Supervisor of a small roofing company. and I actually love the job. I have been able to parlay all my talents into one position but I would still rather do magic, or preach the Gospel.
    Shai, I found your website while preparing to write a training course on leadership
    And much to my delight I found other articles of interest to me.
    Thank you, Shai.


  40. says

    Ok Shai…As I scroll up and down your massive comment list to anser all of your questions bare with me. Here is my 411-

    I am a 23 yr. dad, professional, independent marketer for many different types of businesses in the offline world of direct advertising, but I am now moving my clients to the internet. I do blog but I am just beginning and I happened to have gotten here after doing my “blog surfing” and making my daily stop at Mr. Darren Rowses Problogger blog where I put two and two and I read that you and him are some of the folks behind b5media. Forgive me for being behind the 8-ball but I really like what you two are doing. I definetly had to vist your blog here when I read that you were the “most powerful woman in blogging”! That and I wanted to siphon some knowledge from someone who is in the game. I have a blog called “Knowledge For Wealth” and I named it that because I have this drive to use the knowledge I have on marketing and advertising to educate folks and hopefully educate a few people on the ways of effective marketing. If you take a look at it now you will see it’s a bit slim as I want to develop the right model to follow so I don’t make too many unnecessary mistakes. So my question for would be, do you mind giving me a few good “you need to do this, this and this” tips to make sure I get a head start on blogging? This would not only be appreciated but I would definetly show some love on the receiving end once I get that blog moving. I would love to get an e-mail from you or if you are going to blog it let me know and I will make sure I get back here to read it ASAP! Thanks for letting me comment.

    I wish you much success in your business.

    Chris E.

  41. says

    Hello Shai,

    Along with the others I think this is an interesting project. I will have to add your site to the links section on my site so I can return here again.

    My name is John and I am a 42 year old web developer in Los Angeles. Or, at least I will be a web developer until April, 2006. Then I will be a student in Guangzhou, China.

    I have been blogging on and off for almost 10 years. My latest stint of blogging has been going on for the past year.

    Topics that interest me at the moment are Chinese language & culture and 3D modeling. (Nice combo, huh?)

    Anyway, it is a pleasure to read your site and I look forward to my next visit.

    Have a great day,


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    Merry Christmas.

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    i am a german – with a kentucky highschool diploma – and a ´68 teachercouple background. Neoliberalpunkbloger for 2 years now, looking forward for u to be my 100.000th vsitor ( bettah hurry)

    Well….eh….im almost 30, very handsome :-) love to blog about
    international un-politics as much as about anonymous sex in the urbane
    …..single and terribly heartbroken and completely un-therapizeable.

    actually i seem to be the kind of person who needs to speak or write at least 4 hrs a day
    to not go completely insane.

    now u!

    – Cheersregierung.

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    Please don`t take this personally. I just wonder how can any of us call himself “Professional bogger”. Doesn`t the term “professional” go against “blogger” itself? When you turn professional, aren`t you a business instead of a “person”? When you have a professional blog. what is exactly your priority? visitors interests? things important to you? money? traffic? advertising?
    It reminds me Buddhism. I don`t call myself a Bhuddust because I feel that the way I understand it, calling yourself Bhuddist implies separation from others, and eventually a feeling of your own superiority. And all this goes right against true Bhuddism (for me).
    Please if you have an article or something for me to understand “Professional bloggersism” let me know! :)
    Maybe it is just my ignorance, the issue here
    Best regards

  46. says

    hai, shai…
    your blog is soooo great and i love the way you tell stories… btw, i knew your blog linked from karen cheng.
    my name is miranti adelia. but people called me ade or irra, or both, adeirra.
    born in 13 june 1981. i’m a pure indonesian living in Jakarta. i’m now studying for master of management degree (actually working on thesis..).

    i have one super amazing boyfriend named aris jatmika or called aris or miko. i really love designing, drawing, writing and everything about art and designing. but i don’t have a chance to make it as my formal education (parents wont let me…).

    i have two blogs actually. but i just finished one. and i working on the other one called ‘liber.ade’ (as in liberate).

    your face is so cute and beautiful and seems you have a perfect life and perfect family too…
    i’m now having my menstrual cramps. so i can’t humour you. maybe next time…
    but please visit my blog…

    nice knowing you, shai

  47. says

    Hi, Shai.

    I read your post about reading about yourself in De Quieros’ column. You mentioned Lourd conducting a seminar. Were you there? He was a classmate of mine, I wanted to know what else happened during that seminar.

    Anyway, I’m in my 30s but could be mistaken for late 20s. I write for a living as a mumu’ writer. Thank God for the internet! I have unlimited supply of international clients, unlike the old days. And now, business is good.

    I blog because I need to release the artist in me; need to express my thoughts, if not, I would probably be talking to the wall or my pet dog for illumination. :lol:

    When you ghostwrite, you need to follow whatever guidelines your client dictates. So far, good reviews like turning water into wine. Although, it gives me headaches sometimes. Especially, if you write about paperclips.

    I don’t remember how I found this blog, I was just clicking away links. First time here.

    Basically, I’m interested in everything. That’s why I write. Say, if you put up a hard link to my blog, I’ll give you one too. Haba ba ng comment?

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    I found your blog through the “60 seconds with Shai” podcast. This is my first visit but I’m sure I’ll be back again.

    I am a 30 year old woman living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I was a psychology major in college. I currently work at as a Research Associate at a consulting firm.

    Thanks! Didi

  51. bill h says

    education: electronics engineering, music (piano/violin/voice)

    linked to your blog from blog.

    i am currently becoming very comfortable with approaching middle age. haha. reinventing myself or rediscovering myself, or maybe discovering/deciding what i really want to do with “the rest of my life”. i’ve been lucky enuf to do pretty much whatever i felt like professionally up until now…that is to say, pleasing myself, and now i am feeling something of a responsibility to give back or “do good” or take responsibility for…us…in some fashion with the rest of my life. so, deciding how to go about doing that, even if just in the small ways of my daily life. i currently work customer service for a health insurance company and am in the process of interviewing for a similar position with a large telecommunications company in a more technical position that will allow me to utilize some of my technical experience. (maintenance administrator?) (sounds so upstanding and responsible) anyway, this is a large departure from my bohemian gypsy lifestyle of the past 20 years or so. but, i need the stability for a while. i can go back on tour with the circus next year, haha.

    i’ve lived all over the usa and canada and new zealand and travel as much as i can. i would love to live in asia. or southeastern france. or ….almost anywhere with culture and history where i haven’t lived before.

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    Thanks for reading Shai.


  53. says

    I was looking for interesting women bloggers. I guess that’s how I got to your blog. I saw your picture and thought you are someone I know. You just look like one of my college friends.

    Your writing got me hooked. So there I bookmarked your blog and found your “bookmark logo” (I don’t know what it’s called) really cute (the S).

    I’m a girl, 24 years old. And yes, I do blog, too. I outsource SEO articles for a living and I’m a semi-virtual assistant. I visit your blog almost everyday.

    What interests me the most are your posts about self-improvement and your free spirited pursuit of your love for art.

  54. says

    Hi There,
    I’m visiting you off of You know what, I finished my M.A. in Clinical Psychology and now I’m in the second term or my PH.D. It’s so weird that I came across your blog. Mine is kind of childish maybe. It’s my escape from school and work so I just mess around and put up pictures. It’s where I can be myself and totally unprofessional. So what does it mean in your profile that you are a “professional blogger”? Well, hopefully I can visit again and read some more :)

  55. says

    1. Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?—

    I am a 48 year old homemaker/netpreneur turning 49 in a few months

    2. What do you do with your life?— When my little boy died in 2000, I turned my hobby into an online business particularly webhosting and some SEO work.

    3. Are you a blogger too?— Yes. I just recently started to blog but I’ve been online since 1995 and undertaken some website projects, the latest of which is a grief support group in the Philippines.

    My blog is at

    4. How did you find this blog?—found your blog thru

    5. How often do you come to visit?— I’ve been browsing your blog for a couple of minutes now and I’ve decided to link it because you have a lot of interesting topics related to my field.

    6. What topics interest you the most?— psychology & counselling ,Business & Marketing , Career & Work, Online Culture.

  56. says

    Hi Shai,

    For some reason I don’t know why I had never heard of you before. I didn’t even realize you were a part of b5media. Currently I serve as the bookkeeper. I’m embarassed to say I’d never visited your site before today. I especially found your entry on $100/day to be interesting.

    I’m a <20 year old male student (Business, Accounting, IS) at CU in Boulder, CO. Blogging is a full time hobby (I don’t do it for money). I’m interested in entrepreneurship, and technology. I think my ultimate goal is to do anything but have a job. I look forward to reading more from you.


  57. says

    Hi Shai,
    I’m impressed by your entrepreneurial approach the business of blogging – I guess this makes you a blogepreneur? I’m in my early 50’s and blog about writing and life – so I found your blog pretty interesting! Thanks.

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    Hey Shai,

    Great blog! I’m 35, female, and married. I finished music (major in piano), went on to law school, passed the bar, then became a diplomat working as Vice Consul in Cambodia… but what I actually want to be is a stay-at-home-mom… really! However, no kids yet. I’m a new blogger… started a few weeks ago (at the same time we got broadband for the first time) and I think I’m addicted to it. I’m always browsing at and was lucky enough to come across your weblogs site… probably the reason why I started my own blog. And that’s how I also traced your blog. Since then, I’ve been visiting almost everyday… looking for tips on writing and blogging. Thanks for all the info. I blog at

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    u can always psychoanalyse me. i need that. :)
    i came across ur link from tinapa’s blog.
    your blog is great, i love it!
    i may come here more often.
    anyway, i’m in my 20’s, a writer (or trying to be. hehe), a blogger (link provided as asked), and an ultimate wanderer (a blog hopper..).

  60. says

    Very interesting post, Shai. I never saw another blogger dedicating a page just for that. Cool.

    I’m 34, husband and father of two. I work as a pastor, write a few columns and travel around as a youth speaker.

    I found your blog through a link in Darren’s blog.

  61. says

    I’m a 55 year old knockabout Australian married to a 29 year old French girl and living in Paris with out 20 month old son. Blog every day, babe.

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    I’m 16. From Malaysia. Ahh, it’s the first time for me to be here. *grin* Found ur blog thru Karen’s some old entry. Hehe!

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    Well, to answer the foremost quesiton I’m twnety-one, and male. Currently I still live at home and without employment, largely due to the fact my ID was stolen t hree years ago, though has been corrected as I’m getting a new ID very soon. After that it’s long hours, low pay, and unappreciated service. XD

    Career style of choice: Evangelizing, Teen Counciling.

    Blogging really hasn’t been an issue with me, nor a gimic I’d say. I just troll around the sites mostly and post if I like. Aside from that I do enjoy reading this site. It’s actually a cheerful design, spaced out yet not to spaced if you know what I mean. Gives a free pleasent feel to it. =^~^= I’ll check back next time I’m on.

    Fair seas and following winds,

    PS: Note about MySpace, if you’ve not signed up to it. If you want to comment an email to either Yahoo, or will suffice.

  64. kevinjo says

    shai, i saw your story today in the adelaide advertiser,
    i live in adelaide too, my wife is from cebu,philippines. your story is very similiar to hers,she worked in electronics in cebu and taiwan, then we married in cebu and she came here in 1998. at the moment she is still working in electronics, but her job is not secure owing to the new IR laws.
    since these laws have started, i have been ashamed to be an australian with workers turning on each other, unhappy work places,workers against bosses,who should be sacked.
    this is not the australia i was bought up in and was proud of.

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    About myself:

    I’m a university student in my final year. I’ve been very active in an international student-run organization called AIESEC in my university life.

    Although I major in Economics and Finance, I love writing. I wish to become a freelance writer, and that’s how I find out your blog.

  68. says

    Hi Shai!

    I came here via AnP’s site. I finally had some time to bloghop today so I randomly clicked links and ended up here! I’m 29, married, no kids. I’m from Manila. Yes, I’m a blogger too! I’m a schizoblogger, haha! My main blog is at Wifely Steps: This is my first time here! I like reading blogs that are written well and are easy on the eye (no orange fonts on purple backgrounds please!).

    I’ll definitely be back here. I’ve already clicked on hte Bloglines subscription button. ;) Looking forward to reading more of your entries!

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    A corporate slave.
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    Impressed with ‘so-many-add-ons’ on your dotcom.

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    Its very imposing lol.
    er..your site is great too very informative and maybe you might give me a tip or two on my blog which has been going for about a month?

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    Waiting and anticipating for a reply,
    Vishal N. Soni.

  74. Nkechi says

    I like your blog but I know next to nothing about blogging and I’m keen on learning. can you teach me?

  75. says

    Konnichiwa! I’m a Filipina residing in Japan. I’m also a Science/Physics enthusiast, with a fling for very cool stuffs (ok, cryogenics if you will), material scientist, mom to 4-year old daughter, wife to another physicist, and karaoke lover.

    Right now, blogging for me is a recreational activity that helps me unwind after hours of gruelling work at the laboratory.

    Believe it or not, but I found your site while searching for a chicken sopas recipe. :lol: Anyway, would appreciate if can visit our blogsite. Thanks! More power to you!

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    What a neat idea! I’m 47, married, and living 10 miles from New York City with my dear husband and 3 Maine Coon cats. I’m a home and office organizing consultant, coach, instructor, writer and publish a monthly column and have a Master’s in Education. Background in corporate consulting, learning and have developing websites since 1996. Yes, really. : )

    I have a year old blog called Neat Living which I would love to have you visit! I found you via CopyBlogger and love your site! Even though I’m working on a deadline and can’t lurk much longer…I couldn’t resist leaving you a message.

    I’m looking forward to learning more about your projects and b5 media in particular…if you would ever like to add a blog about organizing, productivity, decluttering, etc. to your Personal Development mix…I’d love to talk to you about it!

    Your accomplishments are amazing! Love your artwork…where do find the time to do it all and be a mom too??? Would love to follow you around for a week and study your time management process!

    Look foward to your visit!


  77. says

    Hi, I found your site through a search of what makes for a popular Blog. i’m a retired Army Warrant Officer residing in Texas and managing a contract on ft Hood.

    I will say I have had Friendster and my space profiles for short times be4 but deleted them. I do have a main website but that one cannot have comments–so I started up my blogger page to have any1 who stubles upon it hopefully leave a comment.

    I met a wonderful Pinay in Iraq–Girly A from Makati–and her and I keep in touch still. And still we both fervently hope we meet again someday.

    I’ve enjoyed reading some of your blog and ur welcome to visit mine.

  78. Sona says

    Dear shai,
    i have completed my graduation in 2005, but i didnt get a chance to work in development , i m working in web services provider company , there are lots of things which i dont and i m trying to learn those .
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    Happy Blogging,

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    Hi Shai!You are amazingly talented! How do you manage to multi task?

    I’m in my late 40s, mother, wife and community newspaper editor. I have been blogging for a year now. I live in the province of Pangasinan in the Philippines where there are only few active bloggers. I found your blog in one of the sites I visited while blog surfing.

    Almost all topics interest me. I am constantly studying, despite my age and my being an occupied mother. Right now, I am studying law. Not easy to go to law school while at the same time nurturing a family. The demands of my duties as mother comes on top and most times, my schooling gets second priority. Anyway, I am more for the learning than for the title. But who knows? I might land in the headlines one day – Middle aged mom passes the bar! LOL

    My first time to come here, but for sure, there will be a second, a third, a fourth…..

  82. says

    Hello. Nice to meet you Shai!

    I’m equally fascinated by people and their stories. Here’s my Reader’s Digest version:

    Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?
    I’m in my late 30’s but because of having Filipina-American genes, I, gratefully, look much younger than my real age.

    What do you do with your life?
    I’m currently living in sin with my sweetie Matt. We have a cat Baby, named after Jennifer Grey’s character in Dirty Dancing. My day job is working as a technology evangelist for an extremely large software company whose co-founder is the richest person on the planet. My heart job is blogging.

    Are you a blogger too?
    I love blogging. I write Back in Skinny Jeans which is about beauty and body image in pop culture. The blog initially started as a rant because I could not let go of the dream of getting back into my skinny jeans. I still can’t, and there are many women like me. Those jeans have been sitting in the closet for years, and I have finally gotten rid of a few pairs, but there is one pair that remains. I started a new podcast show with a fellow blogger/and former model called Chasing Beauty. In this podcast show, we talk about current topics related to beauty like the too-skinny model debate.

    How did you find this blog?
    I found your blog starting at the ProBlogger job board, then went to Aging Fabulous, then went to the b5media corporate site, and now I’m here.

    How often do you come to visit?
    This is my first visit to your blog. I too love Macs, and congratulations on the new baby. My brother and sister-in-law had triplet girls. They are 17 months old now.

    What topics interest you the most?
    I love to talk about beauty and body image issues. I’m addicted to pop culture, and celebrity gossip. I’m tuned into web 2.0, creativity, photography, and design.

    Thank you for your time.

  83. says

    Hi Shai,
    I’m a Filipino-Canadian based in Toronto. I started blogging a couple of years ago when I was asked by a peer-reviewed journal to write an article on the topic of “developing a rubric for organisational blogging.” Stopped blogging to finish school and restarted again recently.

    My blog – – is one of the extensions of my work on organisational strategies when integrating emerging technologies through phronesis (which is the use of practical wisdom in the workplace) and connectivism (navigation of chaos, networks, and organisational complexity). I would be honoured to see your comments on my blog as I try to continue becoming more adept with various thematic approaches of the medium.

    Best Canadian Easter wishes,

  84. says

    Hello Shai,

    This is Alec. I somehow came to your blog from nowhere. May be some other blogs which I had no idea of. Anyway, I was suprised that you are from Adelaide. I am from Adelaide too!

    Though I don’t know much about you, have a good weekend.


  85. says

    Hello, first-time visitor here. I’m glad I found your page, I was seeing who else besides me was linking to B5media about the music blogger job. I’m glad I came, I like your site, and I’m going to subscribe to your RSS feed. Psychoanalyze away :) I’m a 30-year-old female, mother of two, and a full-time bill collector. (Don’t I know that information never generates a good response..hehe) I blog over at earsucker and it’s a lot of fun. What do I do with my life? Hmmm….just about anything I can, except maybe jump out of an airplane. This is a great idea in getting to know your audience.

  86. says

    Where to start? We have something in common, i like to know people better too and i appreciate you for your blog. I am a girl from a far country. I guide myself upon Asian old wisdom, this is my choice and i must say that i had a lot to learn from that. I am 24, i am on my own and i confront difficulties alone. I like to be independent, to make my own decisions and…paint.

  87. says

    I am a fresh graduate full of hope and full of life. It’s true, i had some troubles living in this world but i keep myself always alive. The person that i want to talk most is a experimented Buddhist monk.

  88. says

    Actually I would find it quite interesting if you would analyze me. It’s been a while since someone has actually managed to figure me out. But I’d like that in a mail, as i am leaving the address here too. Let’s see, in my 20’s, very direct, bold and quite stubborn. :) guess I’ve told you the things you were supposed to tell me.. Let’s see the feedback

  89. George Wade says

    “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’. – Yoda”

    There is “Practicing until it is safe” to “Do.” For example: crossing the Niagra Falls on a highwire, practice with a safety net; joining a great new investment, practice with a safety net… Then make up your mind and “Do it.”

    On AutismVox I don’t see a Help link. It would be nice to be able to do italics & URL’s properly. I could Google ‘Help b5media’ but telling you that I’m an Asperger’s kid busy synergising treatments for ‘A life without so many jagged edges,’ is a more interesting way of finding out. Just the URL would be fine. :cheese:

    I’m a man of 66yrs, a sailor when I can — as it is a great way to leave the jagged edges behind.

  90. says

    Greetings Shai,

    Just wanted to say, nice site. I wish you and B5 media the best of luck in the future. If you have a chance check out my site which is trying to provide real information about living and working overseas by PEOPLE who actually live and work overseas.


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    Hi Shai, I am a teacher and owner/editor of and the blog, Bell Work Online. I’m trying to become more active in the blogosphere, and I’d love to introduce numerous education blogs to Please check out my sites and let me know if you and your company are interested.

  92. says

    Hi Shai,

    I’m a 51 year young male, though mentally part of me is still about 10, and physically I’ve been told I look like I’m barely 40 … at least from a distance :)

    I’ve just been hired as the new blogger for the Green Posse (b5 Golf Blog), and I guess we’ll see if I’m still employed as such after this month ; (14 days ???)), though my editor has so far said that she thinks my stuff is great.

    I’m trying to make the golf blog, more personal and more about golf stories,instructional material, and the ‘everyday’ joe, rather than just focus on reporting news about the Pro’s all the time, which IMO can get a bit boring and can be found on hundreds of other blogs.

    For more zany, non-golf related subjects, I’ve just started a personal blog, that will be about just about anything, but will probably include my interests in golf, aviation, music, 3d/2d art, and computer programming languages and technologies.

    Abmarts Ekim (My sometimes zany and weird personal blog)

    More details about my early golf days, if you need something to help you get to sleep ;)

    Ok, so you can see so far, that I have low self esteem and am overly concerned about my age and appearance :)

    So knowing a bit about my blogging background, that would explain how I found your blog :)

    I haven’t read much of your blog yet, but I intend to read all of it, as you’re obviously a very smart (in the practical sense ) person, and I hope to be able to “pick” your brains, or at least be entertained :) I did read your
    ” …Readership by 200% ..” article, and I have signed up for StumbleUpon, so thanks already for the first tip

    As for what I’ve done with my life, on the “leisure” side, I’ve done some (I think), fairly interesting things, it’s on that “work” thing side that I’ve been err… a bit lacking ;)

    I’ve learned to play golf and get down to a 2 hdcp at one point. Learned to play a bit of guitar and keyboards, learned to fly (power and glider license), played recreational (house league) hockey as a kid, and just the last few years I’ve started to get into 3d animation and am trying to learn to draw

    For the last seven years I was working as a systems admin in a Windows / unix environment, but I’ve recently left that, with plans to .. uhh… I really don’t know at the moment ;)

    I was just getting stressed out and sick of working 9-5 .8-6 ..or whatever while the sunshine was beaming in through the windows.

    So I’m thinking maybe of getting back into the golf business, and aslo getting my commercial pilot’s license, as well as getting up to speed with the latest web technologies.

    So how does blogger / golf-instructor / flight instructor / free lance web programmer / administrator / guitar and piano teacher / art teacher sound to you?

    Ahhh… I feel better already !

    Is our time up ? :)


  93. says

    Hi Shai,
    Great idea! I found your blog when I was looking for ways to increase traffic using stumbleupon, I’ve been surfing around it enjoying what you’ve posted.

    As for me I’m a 30 year old 40 year old (if you know what I mean) I’ve lived most of my life in Hong Kong, although my parents are from England. I’m a bit of a techie and after a few years doing the corporate dot com thing I decided to try making my own money online, it worked out quite well at first and then my ability to spend money began to outstrip my ability to earn it, so 12 months ago I began a proper job as webmaster and general IT guy for this company
    I’m still trying to make money on the side and I recently started a blog to document my efforts at
    Drop by sometime

  94. says

    Hi Shai,
    I just found your site (through Heather Goldman’s A Creative Journal blog) and find your posts both entertaining and useful. I plan to add you to my feedlist so I can be sure to read regularly. I’m the editor of Artful Blogging magazine, so I guess you could say that I have a professional interest in the topic, but I keep a personal blog, which is more about my fiction writing than my day job. I’m 38 and I live in Southern California; I’ve got two brilliant daughters, and between them and my day job I don’t have as much time to spend blogging lately as I wish I did. It needs a little work, to say the least.

    The thing I’d most like to figure out about blogging is how to get readers to let you know they were there, and why. I don’t blog with the anticipation of drawing hundreds or even dozens of readers, but I always if those readers who do appear in my stats are one-timers, regulars, or whatever. Who are they?? Which is why I thought I’d go ahead and respond to this request of yours; maybe I should try something similar…

  95. says

    I’m a writer, photographer, scrapper, altered arts and mixed media maniac, muralist, crafter, and mom of one nurse.
    I also do too much for a realistic life.

  96. says

    Hello there Shai,
    I found your blog through 50 top australian woman bloggers ~
    I adore your posts, you have given me inspiration to get myself out there in the blogging community. Its so much fun and I really feel a part of something. I will eventually get my own original layout and a domain name.

    On the personal side.. I am 23, female and have a wonderful partner. I have a 5 year old half filipino daughter called April. i live in Torrens Park in little old Adelaide, Australia.
    I am of recent a stay at home mum diagnosed with fibromyalgia,-a condition that is very debilitating. so, when im having a bad day, I spend alot of time on the net trawling through blogs.

    p.s your my new blogging idol


  97. says

    Hey Shai!

    Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?
    I’m a 38yo filipina in canada.

    What do you do with your life?
    I’m a WAHM/blogger/writer, former hula/tahitian dance instructor, and former software design engineer.

    Are you a blogger too?
    Yes! I’m at

    How did you find this blog?
    I found you through one of Sasha’s sites, I think.

    How often do you come to visit?
    Every couple of days…

    What topics interest you the most?
    Blogging stuff, girlie-girl stuff… oh, and your pictures are fun too! :)


  98. says

    Dear Shai,

    My fellow beauty blogger Jami led me to your site. Really interesting concept, and I hope I can learn from many of you here.

    I am 38, happily married, mom of 5 daughters (no that is not a typo), and grew up in Indiana. My career prior to being a Mom was Speech and Language Pathology. I am completely wacko crazy about the beauty industry. I found that there are not many resources available to help people sort through all the hype when making choices about what to purchase. Most sites that review generally have a product they are promoting.

    That is what lead me to create my own beauty review blog site, Mythbuster Beauty. Other than being a Mother, it has been the most exciting, creative, and fulfilling work I have ever done. I learn something new everyday and love meeting and collaborating with people like you.

    It is all about sharing information.

    Hope to hear from you sometime!

  99. says

    Hi Shai, sure let me tell you about myself. I’ve come across your blog previously and visit every now and again. I’m a blogger, URL in my comment header. We’ve just recently become contacts in SA Central flickr group – yes I’m from Adelaide. I couldn’t make it to the recent Adelaide bloggers meetup as I was away.

    I’m 41, single mum of one six year old boy. I work nearly full time and blog in my spare time (it’s nearly my 4th blogiversary). I’m also a moderator of the newly formed Aussie Bloggers forum and I’ve also done my first post in the associated blog. I also play the ukulele.

  100. says

    Hi Shai, I’m blogging from the Philippines, and actually I’m hosting the monthly Pinoy food blogging event Lasang Pinoy this February, and I’d like to invite you to join. The theme is coconuts, and you can find the details here. Thanks.

  101. says

    Hey Shai!

    Are you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?
    I’m 24 years old and study in Canada.

    What do you do with your life?
    I’m a 2nd year student in university.

    Are you a blogger too?
    Yes! I’m at

    How did you find this blog?
    I found you through

    How often do you come to visit?
    it’s my first time to visit here, but i am pretty sure i visit often later…

    What topics interest you the most?
    just life and some Journals.

  102. says

    Hello, Shai. I am glad you have this spot in here where i can share with you a little about me and also where i can tell you my thoughts about you and your blog. I found your blog through my niece who gave me your site as ‘a great site of a lady who also paints and puts them up online”. Well, it has been close to 2 years since i have first visited your site. I guess by now you know i ‘also paint’. And i have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from La Salle in Bacolod City. I joined an international religious missionary Congregation after college, although i decided to leave before perpetual vows. Now, i am happily married, and am happy exploring my passion in art alongside my being a wife and mother to twin boys.

    I love you passion and your drive towards creativity, joy, love, life!!! Your energy is tremendous! Your blog is full of life and movement and inspiration. Keep it up!


  103. says

    Hi Shai,

    I’m new to blogging – only just started late last year when a friend of mine introduced me to the practice. I’m loving it! I chanced upon your site through hers. I was intrigued by your invitation:”tell me about you” so I decided to give it a go. Like you, i’m a Filipina born Aussie, but I live in Sydney. I’m turning 30 in a month. I work and I try to write when I can, but my devotion lies completely in my husband, 4 year old daughter and our 2 cats.

    Interesting fact- I carried the nickname Shy for many years (during my hip-hop stage in the 90’s). Close friends called me “Krisciay” (pronsounced Krishai) then Shy for short. But it died down after year 12… Long story there!

    Anyway, i like your site. It’s very eclectic and inspiring. The topics you find interesting interest me also. I’ll definitely visit again. Cheers

  104. says

    Hi Shai,

    Nice blog I would have to say. I reach your blog while searching on google about how to tie a scarf. And got an interesting post on your blog about same at this location

    I think the link for the Video in the post is broken.

    I have also produced similar kind of video which is hosted on our website

    It will be great if you can have a look at it and see if it is valuable enough to get a link from your post mentioned above.

    Looking forward to your response. Oh ya, I forgot to mention age:29 and sex:male


  105. says

    Hi Shai
    I was reading you off and on but then lost track of you. Thought I’d say hello. I am a wife of 43 years to my best friend, lover and soul mate, a mother of 3, grandma of 8, an avid traveler, a seeker and a yogini… I love life!!
    I like your idea of introducing. Do you mind if I do something like it on my blog? Of course I will credit you for the wonderful idea.
    Do stop by and say hello.
    I found you through Nennette.
    I wish you peace, love and laughter

  106. says

    Hello Shai,

    I found your blog when I was looking for new tips on ProBlogger. I am 21 year-old Male and a student. I am a blogger too and Internet Marketer wannabe.

    I like your style and you got a nice blog!
    Wishing you all the best for the future. I will certainly come back and be one of your regular readers.


  107. says

    Hello Shai,

    Like the person who commented before me, I too found your blog from Problogger. I am 32 yr old guy working in the IT support field. I just recently started blogging back in March and I find it very amazing! I really never realized how many blogs are out there. My goal is to provide people with some knowledge in the computer world and hopefully one day I will help that one person who spent all night trying to figure a solution to a problem then they read my blog and are able to fix the same issue in about 3 seconds. That is my passion, helping people….and I am very good at computer troubleshooting.

    Anyway, enough about me……I look forward to reading your blog more often and I will start now by ending this unusally long comment and begin reading more about you! Have a great day!

  108. says

    hi! got here through doctor em dy’s blog, of whom i am a regular reader. :)

    i’m 30, also a medical doctor, also from the Philippines. just finished training, but possibly off to start over in Australia, too… only in Perth and not in Adelaide. by the way, psychology was my pre-med. and every now and then, i wonder if maybe i might benefit from therapy. *lol*

    i only started blogging regularly since november, and i like to write about anything that strikes my fancy. :)

    i can’t resist these things.

    have a good day! i will probably be back. :)

  109. says

    Hello Shai,
    I’d heared a lot of bloging, and finally I failed to impede the writer in me. Consequently, I began to write a blog the day before yesterday at

    I was just browsing the sites randomly and I happened to get a link to site at I agree that I am impressed by the way you write.

    About me I am 25 years of age and from India.


  110. David says

    In 13 days I turn 30 years old. While waiting in the dentist for part 4 of 4 of a root canal I found a July 2006 Reader’s Digest (cover Audrey Hepburn) and read your name just before mine was called by the dentist. They didn’t charge me for part 4 and the Digest’s article was about saving money so after deciding my fascination with The Truman Show was getting old, lest the kids play pen was a camera harbour, I left the drill sergeant and heard the distant call of caffeine. So I googled you. I don’t know what a blog is as such except that I like writing and I think they are related and making money is on my list of things to do. Tomorrow marks 50 days of not smoking. I feel overwhelmed by all these positive THINGS I plan to do, excercise, learn history, languages, Microsoft Office and how to make a traditional hot chocolate with chili and cinnamon. So I’m guessing turning 30 is just another step where we realize we are new and don’t know it all after all. I wonder how many more times that happens in life. I get the ominious feeling its more than 4 parts.

  111. says

    Just saying I still check in to your blog every so often Wow your new child is already a year old.

    it occurred to me that i don’t think you left a comment on my blogspot..

    ..I keep my BLOG as sort of a journal of general musings of what’s happening and how I feel about things, what I’m up to, that kind of stuff. I dont think anyone knows it exsists except some of my cycling pals. anyway it’s rare to get a comment.

    take care.

    sorry about your Dad, Best wishes Shai.

  112. sheila says

    hi… im from Philippines and really interested on how to be a good blogger or become a professional blogger like you… i hope you could write to me if u got spare time and i would really appreciate it… im trying to blog in journal home trying to write something from my past…. this is the link through my blog but i recently started and i dont know how to make it good it was kind a corny i think and i didnt have write another blog next to it yet… hope you could email me and tell me more how to be good professional blogger… thank you so much…

  113. says

    Hi Shai,

    I’m Eper from your home country, The Philippines! :) On my last year of being in my 20s :( I work from home. Took up blogging just last month. I have a lot of catching up to do. I Googled you actually. Searched for the top Filipina blogger and your blog came up :) Congrats sis! I’m still new to the blogging community so any help would be welcome. Keep it up! You’re an inspiration.

    Manila, Philippines

  114. says

    This is an awesome idea. One that I’ll use (with credit to you, of course) on my blog.

    I’m 25, a copywriter, love the internet and how it’s changed our lives. I’m also a grammarphile. I wear red high heels almost every day and think there’s nothing better than vintage clothing.

    Feel free to psycoanalyse me. ;)

  115. says

    Nice to meet you! I’m in my early 20s, still in school in Canada (chugging away slowly at my degree… :), a complete newb to the blogging world, and have just begun an internship at to learn about all this fun stuff. Recently came back from a study abroad semester in Vienna and definitely caught the travel bug while I was over there backpacking, so I’ve been hooked on all the travel blogs out there. Look forward to reading your future posts!