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    No fair – you didn’t delurk. Then again, I guess you did with this post!

    Creativity. Should have been a four letter word. I have never thought of myself as creative. When I come up with an original idea I feel creative. I think Alister Cameron (alistercameron.com) is the most creative person I know. That guy has so many ideas it’s scary :)

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    I’ll go for the favourites one:

    Football team: Fremantle Dockers (I know… sad)
    Ice cream flavour: Cookies and cream
    Book: The Secret of the Wind
    TV show: House
    Fruit: Bananas & blueberries (tie)
    Place on Earth: Banff, Canada

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    I’ll go favorites too:

    Ice cream flavor: Rocky Road
    Article of clothing: Blue jeans
    Footwear: Flip-flops
    Color: Blue
    Accessory: A necklace with cute jade pendants and an owl with sparkly eyes
    TV show: The Office

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    Meg: Oopsie. I guess I sorta did. ;-) Thanks for delurking here.

    Kari: Go, go, go…

    Peter: Huh? Fremantle Dockers?! But I’m with you on House. Not sure if I’ll call it a fave but I definitely love it.

    Toni: Your faves almost mirror mine exactly. I love (and badly MISS!) Rocky Road ice cream. I love blue jeans – just good, fitted ones. I like Flip-flops a lot but I have a Boot Fetish! ;-) Which The Office do you watch – the UK or the US version?

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