Acknowledge New Media Mention: #31Newness No. 10

#31Newness No.10: Acknowledge New Media Mention

A few days ago,  I was alerted to the news that was featured in the October 2013 issue of  The Philippine Times (Australia). It was my former school mate and current Literary Editor of the paper, Ma. Asther Bascuña Creo, who tagged me. was included in the “Top 3 feeds” feature. Hurrah! It was […]

Web Wednesday #20: CNET Asia Interview and More Webby Finds!

So, it’s finally time for another Web Wednesday edition. Here are some things that you might find interesting – Make Your Own Comics – It’s a web app that enables anyone to create their own comic by using pre-drawn characters and symbols. Just add in your story! (Found this via Janette.) TwitBacks – Customise your […]

The Advertiser Readers: A Belated Welcome!


Last week, The Advertiser published a piece titled “The world at your fingertips” by Samela Harris in the Review section of this local newspaper here in Adelaide. It’s basically a collection of the writer’s Top 50 Blogs to read. And yes, got a mention: Text: Adelaide’s most influential female blogger. One cannot omit […]