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Doodle o' the Day: 09/07/07 - MUSIC NOTEOver the last few months, b5media‘s been planning and working on building our 14th channel on the network – the Music Channel. There was recruiting, hiring, planning, directing, brainstorming…

And now, we’re finally able to launch our brand new Music Channel. There are about 20 new blogs on the channel – covering specific artists, genres and areas.

Win an iPod Shuffle, MP3 Player or iTunes Gift CertificateAs part of the excitement about this launch, we’re giving away 3 iPod shuffles, 3 MP3 music players with MusicIP software, and 3 iTunes Gift Certificates (worth US$25 each). To find out how you can join and win a prize visit our Music Channel Launch Contest Page. Entries are accepted until 20th July 2007. Winners will be notified on or before the 25th of July.

Writing of music, one of the things that we started talking about during one of our weekly b5 chats was our music interests. And, one of the things that came up was my apparent passion in the subject. Christina said that although we’ve known each other online for over a couple of years now, she didn’t realise that music was something that mattered to me a lot. Fair enough. I don’t really talk or blog about music that much. She then asked, “Why not?”

I confessed that sometimes, I do get timid about sharing some sides of me. I mean, yes, obviously, I have no qualms about sharing some personal stuff seeing as I have a personal blog. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m always personal.

Of course, being the gorgeous person that she is, Christina just told me never ever to feel timid about showing my interests. Especially if it’s something that really matters to me. Chances are, people who do want to get to know me will want to know.

So yeah, if you want to know: I do love music. I had formal piano lessons as a child. Approximately for about 5+ years. I learned to play the drums in my early 20s and was part of a “girl band” in church (with my sis as the bass player). I tried learning to play the guitar some time last year – but stopped when I got pregnant.

My musical inclinations? Hmmm… I’m eclectic. I just listen to what I like. I’ve loved different music and different artists all through the years – from Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, The Cure, Boys to Men, and 10,000 Maniacs to The Corrs, LeAnn Rimes, Five for Fighting, and Lisa Loeb. And some Filipino artists like Lea Salonga, Gary Valenciano, Sharon Cuneta, and Martin Nievera. Two Singaporean talents I like: Tanya and Corinne May. Some of my recent faves are mostly Aussies: Missy Higgins, Delta Goodrem, Shannon Noll, and Bachelor Girl. Oh, and yeah, for a while, I went crazy for UK’s James Blunt. I’m a bit over that now.

My most recent CD purchase? Pink. Surprise, surprise.

What about you? What’s your music like? What was your last CD (or iTunes) purchase?

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  1. says

    Congratulations to you and b5 for the launch of the Music Channel Shai! Like you I had to endure piano lessons for most of my young adult life but unlike you, I have retained almost none of the classical music I played 3 hours a day for. Sad but true. Not sure why I moved on though without remembering anything other than Chopsticks or Fur Elise. Maybe because my music taste has changed or maybe because it was time to fall in love with my true passion – writing. Be that as it may, I continue to appreciate a good musical performance so the b5 music channel is a great opportunity to learn more about the various music genres and maybe in the process learn new types as well.

  2. says

    Hi Shai,
    Music is just one of those things. There’s such a variety. I love loads of different music, sometimes I don’t even know who the artists are. I don’t play any instrument, but I do love to sing and dance. We’re a singing and dancing family. One of our favourite activities is putting on a CD, just about anything, and we all just sing and dance together in the kitchen. We kind of do the same thing in the car, too. 😉

    I couldn’t begin to list all the music I enjoy. We’ve got Paul Simon; Joni Mitchel; Nickleback; heaps of mixed stuff from the kids, but I like most of it, too; Ella Fitzgerald; Coldplay; U2; Mozart, etc; and many more that I just can’t think of right now.

    I don’t really talk about music much online, either. Perhaps it is a bit more personal than we realise. Great entry. 😉

  3. says

    i can play a mean piano rendition of “Yesterday” the Anna Purple Booklet version :)

    My music is mostly 80s…stuck in the 80s and you’ve named them all there…now its Canadian…and then Christian rock…so it varies sa pag ihip ng hangin.

    You rocker you…kaya pala naka boots ka when we saw you! :)

  4. says

    Robin: Ahhh… too bad none of the piano training stuck. I’m so out of practice as well, so I’ll probably forget everything soon too. At least, I can still read sheet music! :) Yeah, do visit the Music Channel. You might find something you like. And DO join the contest. Even if you already have an iPod. 😉

    Heather: Yeah. Strange, huh? I didn’t think Music as something ‘too personal’ to share. But, I realise, there’s something quite revealing about sharing one’s musical inclinations. I guess, there’s always that fear that people might not like the same stuff you like or whatever. But really, that’s the beauty of things. We can all like music that we like. Thanks for the kind words – and for blogging about it! :-)

    Junnie: Wow. Would love to hear that! LOL. Yeah. I’ve got plenty of 80s faves. Now you gotta blog about your music interests – and JOIN THE CONTEST! 😉 And hah. Rocker me indeed. 😉

  5. says

    Shai–so glad to see your music post!! You are definitely right about music being such a personal thing, but it’s also something that is shared. I took Music Aesthetics class as an undergrad–very interesting stuff when you start looking at the feelings/responses music evokes and why–physical reactions, psychological, spiritual, and so on. So much good music going on here right now–there were 3 great shows at different venues just tonight, and it’s the same all weekend and most of next week. My latest CD purchases–Paramore “Riot!”, new Velvet Revolver “Libertad”, and Tiger Army “Music From Regions Beyond”. Just remember–it’s all about the music!!

  6. says

    I generally like classical, broadway and soft jazz. But I also have fun with 50’s and 80’s pop. And, of course, with those cheesy love songs. 😉

  7. says

    Oh, and as for the CD purchase, can’t remember the last time I purchased a CD for myself. But last weekend, I got “The Beatles for Kids” and “Dreaming Music for Infants” from my older brother. Both CDs shall go to my baby’s loot bag. :)