March 2013 Theme: Gift

March Theme of the Month: Gift

This new month marks the beginning of a new season.

Here in Australia, we say goodbye to summer and we welcome autumn. And, whilst I love the colours and feel of autumn, it makes me feel a bit anxious for the coming colder months. Yes, I am no fan of winter (though I love the Starks of GoT – heh ;)).

But, I’ll try not to think about cold too much and just enjoy glimpses of beauty through every season.

In any case, if you’ve been following my Focus Project, you’ll know that it’s time for a new theme for this month. And yes, this time, I am thinking about GIFT, in more ways than one.

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gift: March Theme

As I explore this theme, I will be looking at these sub-themes in the coming weeks:

Week 1: Autumn (1-7 March)
Week 2: Learn (8-14 March)
Week 3:Celebrate (15-21 March)
Week 4: Girl (22-28 March)
Week 5: Cause (29-31 March)

Do join me, if you’re looking for a bit if inspiration.

See Past Themes in 2013:

Hope you have a great month!

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  1. […] Basically, this is just my personal kick-in-the-butt to remind myself to blog something at the weekend. Something, as in, anything. I can even have any theme I want. And, if I’m having trouble choosing a theme because of my typical “ideas overwhelm” issue, I can apply some restrictions. And, my default restriction is using The Focus Project themes and/or sub-themes. Like I’ve done this week, getting “celebrate” as my theme, from Week 3 of March 2013. […]