How to Create Audio Posts

Since we’re talking about getting audio posts up, I thought I’d share some tools and resources on how to get your voices heard online. j0309623.jpg

Utterz – This is probably one of the easiest ways to get an audio post up. There are 3 ways you can put up audio posts using Utterz: 1) Use their online audio recording service; 2) Upload an existing audio file from your computer; and/or 3) Call a special Utterz number and leave your message there. #3 is especially useful if you don’t have a microphone on your computer or if you’re travelling. And yes, it’s free.

GabCast – This is another option to create audio posts. And, you can use either your phone or VOIP to record your messages. Apparently, there are 1-800 numbers available for those in the U.S. and also some international numbers. This option is definitely handy if you don’t have a mic. I haven’t tested this one out, but it comes recommended by folks from There are free and paid versions.

Windows Sound Recorder – If you’re using Windows as your operating system, chances are, you have sound recorder installed in your computer. Just bring it up and record. Then, upload it to your server or to an audio service.

Audacity – This is a free audio editor that works with Macs, Windows, etc. There’s a bit of a learning curve when using this application, but it’s definitely a good tool to have, especially if you wish to take audio posts or podcasting more seriously.

Odeo – With Odeo, you can upload audio files or use their web-based recording studio.

VoiceThread – Not only can you create audio posts – but add photos, doodles and more. Definitely a fun way to get going with multimedia stuff.

Hopefully, these resources will help you to create your audio posts. I’m looking forward to hearing your voices!

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    Thanks so much, Shai. I wasn’t really sure as I’ve never done this before. I hope to have time to give it a try. ;-)

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      No worries, Heather. Please do! It really has become more simple to create audio posts with all these services. It’s just figuring out what to say that can be the challenge. :-D

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    I’m working on getting another Utter done for the most recent challenge but my voice has been going in and out which is delaying the process :-)

    The new header looks great! It’s amazing how a header can completely change the look and feel of a page :-)

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      Kari: Looking forward to another Utter. Hope your voice feels better soon. :-) And I’m glad you like the new header. I’ve been wanting to change it – so glad I finally managed to do it. It’s weird, but yeah, headers do seem to make a difference. :-)

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    I think that has the easiest system for putting up an audio post. Just click the Audio link in their dashboard and then you upload your audio or link to it remotely.

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      Thanks for the tip, Brian. For some reason, I’ve never really given Tumblr a proper try, so haven’t had the chance to explore it. Will try to check it again sometime.

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    An easy service, I’ve used on projects is You can record audio and video directly from their console (or upload you own). You can then publish to any blog you want, along with itunes, and hit ping servers, all with a few clicks.

    If you’re a Mac user, try using Wiretap Studios in combo with Skype to Phone and you can capture an interview with anyone, anywhere. take the file, upload to Hipcast , press publish and now your podcast has depth in content as well. Really simple tools.