February 2013 Theme: Symbols

February 2013

Tossing between doing a January 2013 round-up and sharing this month’s latest theme and sub-themes. Well, the latter obviously won. I think partly because round-ups are more taxing. And, I am not up for something too exhaustive right now. After all, it’s Friday. And, I’ve had a long week.

So, instead of sharing with you what I have done last month, I’ll just share with you what I am hoping to do in this brand new month. And yes, February 2013’s overarching theme: Symbols.

“Symbols are the imaginative signposts of life.”
– Margot Asquith

What about symbols?

I’ve been thinking a lot about symbols lately. Especially as I delve deeper in to visual and verbal communication.

Every time I work on art-making, creativity, communication… I find myself wondering about the symbols that we use to communicate ideas and emotions. When we want to communicate deeply, we don’t always use the literal. Often, we consider symbolic representations.

Some symbols, however, seem to have become cliche. Others, too abstract and vague. We use them, because they have become ‘universal truths’. Regardless of personal meaning.

So, this month, as I try to keep up with The Focus Project, I ask myself the question: What are the symbols that mean most to me? And why?

The Weekly Sub-Themes

As I explore the overall theme of symbols, I will be using a weekly sub-theme to help me along. I found that these sub-themes are great for when I’m feeling uninspired or blocked when working on my daily photos, hand lettering, blog posts, etc.

Week 6: Shapes (1-7 February)
Week 7: Love (8-14 February)
Week 8: Everyday (15-21 February)
Week 9: Dreams (22-28 February)

More Prompts on Symbols

Other questions I may (or may not be able to) attempt to answer include:

  • Emotional symbols: What are symbols I use for joy? For anger? For sadness?
  • Action symbols: Which symbols signify movement?
  • Using symbols: Where do I use symbols? Where do I see symbols used by others?
  • Visual and verbal symbols: What are they?

Let me know if you join along too! Trying to keep #TheFocusProject hashtag on my own is a bit lonely. :)

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a wonderful February!

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