Business Networking, Technology and Synchronicity

In the last 9+ years that I’ve been online, I’ve met many great and wonderful people. Some, I have even had the privelege of meeting in person. And, I always look forward to meeting many more in the future.

Last week, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet someone who introduced himself to me via email a couple of weeks ago. His name is Matthew Michalewicz, the CEO of SolveIT Software Pty Ltd. He’s also the author of two business-related books that are going to published mid-2006, a lecturer at the Adelaide University, and a talented presenter/speaker. And, if I’m not mistaken, he’s just in his early 30s.

Apparently, Matthew read the article about me on “The Advertiser” and thought it’ll be great to chat over a cuppa. I accepted his invitation and met him at a cafe in the city last Monday afternoon.

I expected the business suit, the American accent (he grew up and lived in the US before moving here 2 years ago), the business talk, and the chat on blogging. What I didn’t expect were the amazing thoughts he shared on following dreams and passions, parenting, writing, art, family and life in general. I went away energised and excited about a lot of things – including growing b5media and the other aspects of my life.

Matthew is definitely one of those incredible people who’s a great pleasure to meet up, talk to and get to know better.

Thanks again for the hot chocolate, the VC/biz advice, and the possible blogging job lead, Matthew. :-)

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