Travel Sketching Kit


Who knew that one of the most time-consuming parts of preparing for my upcoming trip to Italy is figuring out what would go into my travel sketching kit? When you’re an art supplies hoarder like I am, it’s a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones are ‘essential art stuff’ and which ones […]

Celebrating 40th Birthday, 1920s-style


When it comes to celebrating my birthday, I have long since given up on the concept of holding parties and making any kind of big deal about it. That’s why my last proper birthday party was when I turned 18, twenty-two years ago. And, every year since then, I started setting lower expectations on my birthday […]

Exploring The Art of Selfies For A Week

Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh "Selfies"

Selfies seem to get such a bad rep these days.The equation often seems to be: The more selfies you take = The more vain you are. Goodness knows how many blog posts and articles I’ve read that mock selfies and the people who take them. I’ve never really tried to defend the whole selfie movement, […]

Making The Queen Elsa from Frozen Costume

Queen Elsa from Frozen Costume, Modeled By My Girl

When my six-year-old daughter decided she wanted to have a “Frozen” birthday party for her 7th birthday at the end of this month, I didn’t expect the challenges that come with that choice. She was so excited and so happy with the idea that I just had to be excited and happy for her too. […]

Project Life 2014: Cover + Weeks 1 – 5

Getting Started With Project Life 2014

As promised, I’m sharing the actual pages from my first ever Project Life album. Not that I think you’d be riveted with my pages. After all, they’re very basic. I’m just sharing to record my progress and perhaps, some of you might be interested in them. Project Life Cover When doing Project Life, creating a cover […]

Getting Started With Project Life

Getting Started With Project Life

Ever since I shared here that I’m finally taking on Project Life, I’ve been wanting to blog about the project. But, I’ve been so behind on it, I just didn’t feel like I could. However, I’ve finally finished all of January and got to Week 5. Yes! At last! I still have a few weeks […]

Daily Week-long Life Sketching Challenge

Daily Week-long Life Sketching Challenge

This post is long overdue. I’ve meant to share an update on how I did with the January Daily Week-long Life Sketching Challenge. But, you know what it’s like with life and work getting in the way of blogging sometimes. Anyway, I’m here. Late, but here nevertheless. Day 1: 20 January It seems like it […]