Inspired Words No. 1: First Marks

Doodle Quotes No. 1

Over the last week, I’ve picked up my pen to start practicing doodling again. I’ve been sketching every day and painting regularly nowadays – but haven’t done much doodling. Since most of my sketching is done from life (only occasionally from photos) and my paintings are based on photos or from life – I don’t […]

Drawing Faces and Portraits

Santiago Cabrera's Aramis from the Musketeers

Faces and portraits are hard to do. At least, I find them so. But, sketching/drawing/painting faces is something that I have always been fascinated with, even though I have no aspirations to become a portrait artist. That’s why some time last year, I took on the 101 Faces project. The drawings and paintings I did […]

Life, Inspired


After 15 years of blogging (fourteen here, at, you’d think I’d have it all figured out by now. Truth is: I can never keep this blog the same way as when I first started. Or, when I decided to change it the first time. Or the second. And so forth. How can I? I’m […]

8 Things For A Belated May Check-In

Autumn Day in Adelaide Suburbs - May 2014

When I’m having trouble getting back to blogging due to a long absence, I find that I can often ease back into it through lists. So, here’s my list of the moment. 1. May means a dry spell when it comes to personal projects and social media use. I haven’t been keeping up with Project Life, […]

Why #WeSpeakCode Matters

Coding Minifigs on Microsoft Windows Laptop with Kodu

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been completely and utterly taken over by life and work. That’s the way it is most days, I know. But, every now and then, things get a bit crazier than usual. This is one of those moments! In fact, that’s the reason that in-between client work and life commitments, I […]

Celebrating 40th Birthday, 1920s-style


When it comes to celebrating my birthday, I have long since given up on the concept of holding parties and making any kind of big deal about it. That’s why my last proper birthday party was when I turned 18, twenty-two years ago. And, every year since then, I started setting lower expectations on my birthday […]