Bento Lunch Box Story No. 3: The Scarecrow

Bento Lunch Box Number 3

While I’ve already started my Day 18 entry for the 31 Days of #31Newness Project, I kind of lost steam writing it. So, I thought I’ll just save it for another day and catch-up on this project later.

So today, I hope you don’t mind that I take a break from it by sharing with you Bento Lunch Box No.3.

I think this lunch box is something I’ve done about 3 or 4 weeks ago now. But, I haven’t had the chance to blog about because of the 31 Days project.

It was my first attempt at a charaben or a ‘character bento’. It took me well over an hour to finish it, as I had no idea what I was doing.

The kids enjoyed seeing the ‘character’, though, and had fun figuring it all out.

The boy’s story:


The girl’s story:


Food included in this bento:

Mandarin orange, rice cracker sandwich (with butter and smiley fritz), lettuce, hard boiled eggs, Milkies, Oreos, cherry tomatoes, potato crisps, and lollies (milk bottle + strawberry chewies).

Bento tools used:
Elephant food cutter, skewers, cupcake cups

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