b5 Matters: Blog Bash Cancelled, New Music Channel, and 200+ Blogs

b5mediaSad to say, the Blog Bash event that I wrote about has been postponed. It was a tough call, but because there are just too many things going on at b5 right now, it was decided that it’s just not the right time to hold our first ever b5 event. We needed a bit more time.

So, we are now looking at holding this event either in October (possibly, in Miami). Or perhaps, in November (Las Vegas), to work with the sched of Blog World and New Media Expo. I’m sure we’ll write more on this later.

Anyway, even though we’re no longer holding the b5 Blog Bash in New York, Darren will still go ahead with a Problogger Meet-up. So, there’s still a chance for a blogging mixer/party.

And, since I’m on the subject of b5, I thought I might as well share with you a couple of other things.

First: Our plans to grow b5’s reach to include music enthusiasts. Yes, we’re adding a music channel! And, our brand new Channel Editor, Mike Laba is heading the latest b5 channel. So, if you’re a music lover, a musician, and/or you’re keen on anything musical, and you’d like to blog about your passion (and get paid!) – go head over to our applications page and pitch an idea. We’re hoping to launch some of the best music-related blogs soon.

Writing of growth, b5 is celebrating another milestone: We’ve now passed the 200 blogs mark! That’s right. b5 now runs over 200 blogs in 13 channels (soon to be 14). And, we have 120+ bloggers on board. Each and everyone of them getting paid to blog about things that they love and feel passionate about. Really, really pleased about it all.

Yeah. Didn’t I say we’re just so busy? But, busy can be good. This IS good.

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