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    Thanks again for letting me tag along. I’ve always wanted to meet Karen. And I’m looking forward to the Friday meet! I’d love to meet blogging folks (and all who are into the whole social web media) in Adelaide! Happy to help out on getting a sponsor for the venue! :D

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    I’m so gutted I can’t go tonight. But this break in Melbourne is something I have wanted to do for ages (to spend time with a cherished friend.) I’ll just have to wait for the next getogether.

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    Not this time for me either unfortunately. The social networking/blogging scene in Adelaide is getting stronger and stronger, thanks largely to you. Well done.

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      Sorry to miss you in this one, Jen. But, next time! And aw… thanks so much. It is quite wonderful to see how the social media/blogging scene has grown over the last year or so. Really happy about it. :-)

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    Hi Shai – your friend was indeed very privileged to meet Lance Armstrong. I do not think that either Mike Rann or Kevin Foley are really on twitter – just had a read of the Twits and they are a set up.

    Anyway see you tonight

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      Hi, JimBob51. Yeah, I think they’re just fakes. But, it was fun to “pretend” they were real for a short time. In any case, I think their accounts have been deleted now. It was great to see you again! Looking forward to the next.

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    Wow! Karen Cheng was pretty lucky! Lance Armstrong must have a pretty heavy schedule- plus he’s a family man and trying to keep himself healthy through all this! WIll be interesting to meet your sister at the meet-up- we’re going to have a heap of youngies and oldies…anyone in the middle?

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