About Self Portraits, Photography and a Pink b5media Shirt

Pink b5media Girl

It has been a while since I last took and shared a self portrait. Even though I received some really great feedback regarding my self portrait photography a few months ago, it hasn’t felt right to start it all up again since I left the 365 Days project (around the time my dad passed away). And, some folks have been asking if I’ll ever try it again.

Well, when I received my pink b5media shirt a couple of months ago, a few people requested for a photo. So, even though I wasn’t really up for a self-portrait session just yet, I took a couple of shots last June. But then, I kept postponing the sharing bit. Not sure why. I guess, it just felt weird.

But, life can sometimes be about overcoming one weirdness after another. So, here I am, sharing another self portrait. Never mind that it’s actually one that I took almost 2 months ago.

Does this mean I’m getting ready to start self portraiture once again? I’m not sure yet. Definitely not ready to start 365 once again. I don’t know if I ever will.

But, I do miss taking photos. I mean, not just the snapshot stuff that I’ve been doing since letting go of the 365 projects that I started early this year. You see, lately, all the camera action that my D40x has seen are art/craft projects and family snapshots. They’re good to have, of course. But, I don’t even take many of those photos either. So, yeah, my beloved camera is feeling a neglected.

And, well… Somehow, I just want to get back to documenting life once again through photography. No full blown projects. Just the simple stuff. And maybe – just maybe – a self portrait or two again.

P.S. – Yes, I *love* my pink b5 shirt. So pleased that we’ve got girly schwag shirts. Really love the designs of the last batch of shirts.

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  1. says

    The shirts are very cute! I really need to get back on the photo train as well. It’s been ages since I’ve taken any photos. I would like to get my ducks back in a row so I can refocus on all things creative :-)

  2. says

    I like the t-shirt, and I like the story behind the self-portraits. I go through stages with taking photos. I’m either taking lots, or not taking any at all.

  3. says

    @Kari: Hope you’re getting some of your photo groove back. And start getting all creative! I’m still waiting for mine to be in full motion. :)

    @jen: We all have our own rhythm with these things. If that works for you, them it’s great. :)

    @Toni: Thanks! I sure hope so.

    @joey: Thank you. Not sure if they’re being sold anywhere. Will let you know if we get them offered somewhere some time.