9 Inspirational Things To Do

9 Things That Inspired Me This Week

Flickr has become a great source of inspiration for me. This week alone, I have thought about at least 9 things I’d like to do, based on other people’s photos and lives. Here are those that I thought of, based on this mosaic collage (from top left to right):

1) Create a Want Book. I love lists. I love thinking of things that I wish I have. It’ll be interesting to document these longings.

2) Remember and Make Paper Stars. I used to know how to do them. I made plenty during lessons in school. Now, I have no idea how to do them. And somehow, I want to try again.

3) Love more. It’s something I keep telling myself.

4) Get a Gorillapod (or a better tripod). See what I mean about wants and wishes? Anyway, other than that thought… this photo also reminded me to find the freedom to be silly. In public. At home, with very close family, I can be silly. But, I get all prim and proper when I’m in public. I don’t know how to take a silly photo of me. Not on purpose anyway. :-p

5) Create a word necklace. Or buy one. I always love the idea of words + art together.

6) Be more experimental with self portraiture. Let the act of taking self portraits be a journey of discovery. Oh, and yes, learn more about post processing techniques. Heh.

7) Learn Macro Photography. Something I really want to do.

8) Be Free. And let others be free. ’nuff said.

9) Capture Water. In more ways than one.

About the photos:
1. want book, 2. ★ wishing upon the stars ★, 3. Day 5 – 365, 4. Day 114 – It’s a Hat Right?, 5. 365 : day 10, 6. shadowland, 7. Daisy, daisy…, 8. enjoying the wind, 9. liquid diamonds

Mosaic, created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

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  1. says

    I’m down for being silly! I would love to make a word necklace as well, though I’m not sure how well it would turn out. What a great way to get inspired :)

  2. says

    Like you Shai, I too am a list-person. I have pieces of paper all over my office although I have online lists that capture the same info. It’s my Linus (from Peanuts) moment.

    Re paper stars – come to Toronto, we’ll make them together! Paper boats, paper hats, we can have a party!

    Great post.

  3. says

    Kari: Do let me know if you try the word necklace!

    Robin: Oh… I’d love to! But, not sure if Toronto will be in the itinerary this year. Hmmm… are you going to SXSW?

    Julia: Really? 😉 Gorillapod – it’s that thing on the head of that lady in the photo. It’s a type of tripod that can be twisted, turned in many ways. :-)

  4. says

    Hi Shai,
    The photos and list of nine things is such a lovely entry. It appeals visually and to my creative soul. Great stuff. 😉