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    Every time I visit your blog, I always leave inspired!

    Get well soon, Shai. I am on FB time-out, and can’t like or comment on post. But luckily, I can still view friend’s posts, and share my own.

    Great to see that you are enjoying the new house with the family, even with some stress factors at the background. You are in my thoughts, and sending, as always my moral support in spirit.

    Joanna recently posted..This Week’s Short, Sweet Ride on the Crazy Carousel of This Runner’s MindMy Profile

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      Looks like my blog ate my replies to your comment! So, I’m just responding again quickly.

      Thanks, Joanna. I’m always appreciative of your kind words. And love the fact that you take the time to let me know that my blog posts make a difference somehow. Helps to inspire me to keep blogging too! :)

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    Ahh, sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out one of these days and try to see if I can write 750 words *for myself* — the articles I write for clients keep me writing at least 1,500 words a day (5,000 when I’m on a roll or the deadline’s getting pretty close!). Lately, though, I’ve felt the need to take a little break from all the writing I do so I started a little artsy challenge for myself: a one layer card a day in the next 30 days (and perhaps I’ll keep up the practice after the 30th day). I’m also using it to push myself to finish pending articles: can’t play with my art supplies until I write X number of articles. So far it’s worked ;-) In any case, glad that the 750 Words is working out so well for you, Shai! :-)


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