52WoC#28: Your Favourite Blog Community Activity

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityHello and welcome to another 52WoC!

Thank you all for the wonderful blog anniv/birthday greetings from last week. Really, really appreciate it. I responded to each of your comments in the post.

So anyway, here we are, facing task #28. And, this week, I encourage you to share at least ONE blog community activity that you enjoy doing. It can be anything from emailing fellow bloggers to cross linking, or leaving comments, holding/joining contests, taking part in memes or blog carnivals, or chatting on Skype and interacting in a social network. And, tell us why you like that blog community activity.

Of course, if you want to share more than one favourite, that’s cool too. 😉

Well, read on for last week’s round-up on 52WoC#27: Blog Birthdays/Anniversaries. So, so, sooo cool to read about everyone’s blog birthdays and stories too.

Thanks again, everyone. And, a special thanks to new 52WoCers – Blue Rose, Ivan Girl, and Christine. :)

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    I adore getting involved in craft swaps. In the last year I have made Christmas cards with Daisy, sewn felt Christmas tree ornaments, sewed up a doll quilt, made up a card of my favourite recipes and heaps of other things. Not only do I enjoy making these items but getting stuff in the post from people who I have never met and connecting with them in such a tangible way is wonderful. Plus Daisy loved getting all the cards from other kids in the post, especially the ones written in the senders native language, and our Christmas tree has an extra 20 unique hand made ornaments for her to look at.

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    I’ve recently discovered plurk, and am loving it so far. Haven’t got all my friends there yet, but am off to a stary.

    Find me on plurk: flyawaycafe

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    I love to Plurk! It’s where I got the link to you. Very social and informative. I also love sharing sites/articles that I find interesting. I post them on Plurk, Stumble, and do a weekly post full of links that I think would fit with my target audience. I’m a newbie, so I haven’t had a chance to try some of the other things yet.

    So far I love all of the interaction I keep coming across. I feel I accidentally found this whole community of mostly generous, helpful, and energetic people who seem genuinely excited about the things they are doing. What’s not to love?

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    I have 2 blogs: a personal one and a photo blog. In the former, I enjoy participating in blog carnivals and group writing assignments. In the latter, I enjoy completing photo memes for weekly assignments.

    And I love Plurk too because you get the answers you need almost right away.

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    I really like twitter, it’s great to be able to connect with blog peeps in real time and have two way conversations. Even though I have timezone issues (and I’m at work when most people on the other side of the world are twittering), I still find I can pick up pretty quick on some messages to say hello or get a quick update if someone has something special happening. I’m still resisting plurk, but I’m warming to the idea… maybe you’ll see me there soon too 😉

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    I missed my blogiversary on August 5th. Opps!

    I think my favorite blog community type of activity would be having all of my blog buddies on Flickr. It’s like the cherry on top of their blogs. A lot of times after reading there blog and then checking out their Flickr photos it can bring some of the posts to life.

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    Cross-linking, blog-hopping and leaving comments, Plurking, hosting blog carnivals, joining blog carnivals… I’m a blog community activity fanatic!

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    My favorite activities are Stumbling others posts since it really brings me happiness to help draw in some new visitors to blogs I enjoy reading and respect.

    Other favorites… leaving comments on new blogs, and offering my assistance in blog related activities (such as helping a new blogger get started, teaching about social networks, how to use twitter, etc). And posting a small “feature” on blogs that I respect & enjoy that I add to my blogroll.

    Basically, I just like sharing the joy. :)

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    I’m not very found of memes or awards when they ask you to do something on your own blog. I feel like I have to or should oblige and then I never do, because I’m a rebel and/or I have my own agenda of things to write about. I do love challenges though that you yourself visit and participate in, like Michelle Ward’s Crusades with the Street Team. You get new visitors, new inspiration and new material to post about. Here is the link:

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    As a new blogger with a very specific focus, I enjoy commenting on others’ blogs and participating in the conversation others are having with a similar focus.

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    I love to read other people’s blogs about their lives and activities and leave comments where they strike a chord. I have some real favourites that I visit regularly, especially in the fifty-something group in LiveJournal. The Top Australian Female Bloggers list is also a source of great entertainment for me. There are also some opinion blogs I enjoy- where people express opinions about the environment, climate change, scientific discoveries, medical mysteries, literary works, African health, art and photography. I’m not particularly thrilled by blogs about blogging! I’m a top Plurker, even though I say so myself- just see the stats. I’ve made so many friends online and IRL through Plurk and Flickr- I think they’d form the majority of my social circle now I hardly work outside home. When we had our first Plurker’s party last week at Charlie Robinson’s we linked up online with Plurkers the world over via webcam on YahooLive and it was fantastic- they say us dancing and being silly and we chatted with them while we sang and partied! Blogging/micro-blogging is definitely an ace activity! And then there’s Flickr… FlickrSA even had it’s own photo exhibition for SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) last month- all of us only met up online before getting together for the show- organising a venue, sponsors, fee-pooling, negotiations with the venue-owner, collecting together our mounted prints, hanging them, publicising them, organising a speaker for the opening, and selling our works, plus dismantling afterwards. It was such a great connection point and many of us learnt skills we would never have dreamt of before. Life is good being a blogger.