52WoC#26: Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityHi and welcome to our 26th 52WoC! Yes, folks. We’re half way through this project. Wowzah! I’m really, really excited that we’ve reached this special milestone. To celebrate this, I thought I’d share with you some 52WoC Buttons that you might like to add to your blogs.

If you do add the button with a link to 52WoC Central in your blogs either as: a) part of your blogroll; b) on your sidebar; or c) in a blog post/page – then leave a comment here to tell us all about it. You will then be added as one of this week’s participants.

So, here are the buttons –

52WoC 52WoC 52WoC 52WoC

It’ll be great if you can share 52WoC with your friends and readers, so we can meet more people and spread more Blog Community Lovin’. :-)

By the way, this is our last task for Virtual Party #6. There are currently two prizes up for grabs for VP#6: a notecards set and a blank journal.

Anyway, on last week’s task… Well, it was an interesting comments special. Loved reading everyones answers — and questions.

Well, here’s the round-up…

  • Heather – Q: “What’s a perfect day for you?”
  • Nicola – Q: “What’s the scariest you ever had to do and how did you overcome your fear?”
  • Melissa – Q: “What’s the most difficult thing you’ve done for love?”
  • Sushi – Q: “How old do you think is too old for a girl to marry?”
  • Lynn Stevens – Q: “Who do you wish was reading your blog?”
  • Toni: Q: “What would you tell your 13-year-old self?”
  • Kari: Q: “What is one problem or issue you think that all women have a common interest in regardless of their religious affiliation or ethnicity?”
  • Jayme: Q:”What is your life’s greatest passion? How are you pursuing it or, if you’re not, what is stopping you?”

A great big thank you again to all of you who participated. One thing that I really love about 52WoC is how much I’ve gotten to know each one of you much better over the last few months. And, last week’s task is just one example. So, thank you thank you thank you. :-)

So, here’s looking forward to the next 26 tasks of 52WoC…

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  1. says

    Interesting idea, too bad I missed the first half of this, but oh well.
    Placed the button on my right navigation bar, and looking forward to upcoming weeks.

  2. says

    My blog is really budget so I have no idea how (and don’t think I c an) use a button. However I added 52WoC Central to my Blogroll. I also had to remove the twitter app cos it never looked right and it stopped retrieving updates :-( I need to seriously consider a new blog with some better features! Maybe if I get the publishing job I want where I have to learn some online publishing stuff….. for now I’ll head back to my blog and also write a quick post highlighting the newest edition to my blogroll, hope this meets the reqs for this week!

  3. says

    I’ve added the button to my right hand column! I decided to kick out the Kid’s Craft Weekly button because that newsletter hasn’t been weekly for about a year now.