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    Interesting idea, too bad I missed the first half of this, but oh well.
    Placed the button on my right navigation bar, and looking forward to upcoming weeks.

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    My blog is really budget so I have no idea how (and don’t think I c an) use a button. However I added 52WoC Central to my Blogroll. I also had to remove the twitter app cos it never looked right and it stopped retrieving updates :-( I need to seriously consider a new blog with some better features! Maybe if I get the publishing job I want where I have to learn some online publishing stuff….. for now I’ll head back to my blog and also write a quick post highlighting the newest edition to my blogroll, hope this meets the reqs for this week!

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    I’ve added the button to my right hand column! I decided to kick out the Kid’s Craft Weekly button because that newsletter hasn’t been weekly for about a year now.