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    Hi Shai,
    I hope I am still the first to comment when I’ve finished writing this. Lol. My favourite Olympic event has to be gymnastics. I love all the events, men and women. Ok, my question for the next commenter is:

    What would be a perfect day for you?

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    Wow, tough question! My perfect day would definitely involve relaxing with someone special, whether it be bf/family/best friend, somewhere idyllic, but not too cliched and touristy! Definitely overseas though, somewhere in Europe would be nice I think. Wine and chocolate would definitely have to be involved. I think that about covers it, I was trying to think of more detail, but that covers it: relaxing somewhere new and exciting, but with close friends/family, great wine and yummy chocolate!

    My question is… what’s the scariest thing you ever had to do and how did you overcome your fear? Off to comment on bwheathers blog now….

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    The scariest thing I have ever had to do? Give birth without drugs! I had the choice of having another Caesarean with my second child or doing it totally naturally and I opted for natural. I talked to as many women as I could, I had a midwife care for me for my whole pregnancy and be there for the birth and I just accepted that I could do it as millions of women before me had done so. Even so I was struck with intense fear when I felt that first contraction and it took a lot of self talk to come down from that and do what I had to do.

    My question is if you had to give up one of your senses (a hypothetical life or death decision basically) which one would it be?

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    I’d probably give up the sense of taste. Touch, sight, hearing and smell can all warn me of dangers.

    What’s the most difficult thing you’ve done for love?

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    most difficult thing i did for love…

    said goodbye even we both were so in love knowing that we can never be together…

    now my question is…
    how old do you think is too old for a girl to marry?

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      There is no age limit on love and commitment. My mom’s in a seniors apartment building. Her next door neighbor Marie and another gentleman in the building just got married. Their marriage may look quite different than what you or I imagine, but it is their marriage.

      My question: Who do you wish was reading your blog?

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    A publisher who could help turn my publishing dream into reality. Haha! Wishful thinking much.

    If you were to come face to face with your13-year-old self, what would you advice him/her to start doing?

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    If I were to come face to face with my thirteen year old self it would be more of a matter of what I would tell myself not to start doing. Smoking would definitely be on that list. Of course I would also want to tell myself to start staying away from bad boys and take good care of my skin ;)

    Here’s my question for the next commenter: What is one problem or issue you think that all women have a common interest in regardless of their religious affiliation or ethnicity?

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    I think all women are concerned about self-esteem and issues about appreciating their beauty and loving their body. Though it’s not something I struggle with every day, it can really hit me hard sometimes.

    For the next commenter, my questions are: What is your life’s greatest passion? How are you pursuing it or, if you’re not, what is stopping you?

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    What great Q&As here. This was so much fun. Makes me wish to do more of these type of comment activity. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts – and your questions. I loved it all.

    Now, to answer Jayme’s question. Wow. My kind of Q. Makes me feel like writing a whole blog post just thinking about it.

    So, how do I begin?

    Hmmm… I started writing my response… But, I’m ending up with a novelette. :-D

    So, I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to it some time soon. Thanks again, everyone!