52WoC#18 : Start or Join a Fan Club

52 Weeks of Blog Community Hello and welcome to another 52 Weeks of Blog Community Project. Before I get in to last week’s challenge round-up, let’s get in to gear with this week’s task. And, it’s all about fan clubs.

Here are some ideas that you might like to work with:

1) Start a fan club for yourself or for your blog. Okay – I know it may seem strange to start your very own fan club. But, I’m pretty sure that someone somewhere would like to show their support to you and your endeavours. It doesn’t matter if your fan club ends up with one or one million members. It’s just fun to see what can happen if you give yourself enough space to shine.

2) Start a fan club for someone – or something – you really admire. Show your support to something that makes you happy. Or someone who inspires you. Even a place that excites you. Or maybe a team that you really like?

3) If you’re not keen on starting a fan club, why not just join one? Or take part in one? There are many clubs out there that you can check out – be it via Meetup.com, Facebook, or MySpace. If you have other places that you’d like to suggest, let us know.

If you already have your own fan club – or you’re already a member of one, share with us a link and you’ll be considered as “joined” for this week’s task. And, who knows? Other folks might even join your club.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy thinking of ways to enrich this idea of “fan clubs” – as a way to promote and/or to support. Let me know how you go!

Also, if you’re curious to know, 52WoC#18 is the first task included for our Virtual Party #5. Yep – a new round. This will include Weeks #18 to 22. I’ve yet to put together our prize package for this one. But, I’ll keep you posted!

Now, what about Virtual Party #4? It’s definitely on the way this week! Read on for a list of participants from last week’s International “Thank You” Week (52WoC#17) , which turned out really well. A great reminder that gratitude is something worth keeping in our lives.

So, here’s our “Thank You” Brigade –

That’s a total of 11 participants. Must be a 52WoC record. Wow. I’m so pleased just to think about how many folks’ days must’ve been brightened up in the last few days, due to your thank you notes.

Again, thank you all so, so much for taking part in 52WoC. It reminds me why I started – and why I keep doing – this project.

Stay tuned for our Virtual Party #4 – where we’ll do our round-up for Weeks #13 – 17, and draw a couple of raffle winners.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. says

    On Facebook I’ve joined fan groups! It’s a great way to get news from fellow fans. 😀 I’m part of the following groups on Facebook. They might inspire others to join our little club too! 😉

    The Dairi Burger (for Sweet Valley trivia and news!)
    Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (he answers Q’s from people around the world about his foodie adventures, always a treat for fans!)

  2. says

    This is a fun one… not sure if I’m ready to start a LifeCandy Fan Club yet though! (I’ll let you know here when I do!)
    But I do belong to several Facebook Fan Clubs. My favourite is the Futurama Fan Club.