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    Yay! How exciting, congrats to the winners! Even though I didn’t get a prize, I’m still excited that I took part in each and every task this month :-) You put so much effort into this project Shai, it’s amazing, thanks!

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    Congrats to the lucky winners! I’m sure you will enjoy the prizes! A big thank you again to Shai for another round of 52WoC. Even though I haven’t gotten to participate in all of them recently due to the new job I still enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for making blogging so much fun for us all! You deserve a round of applause! *applauding loudly*

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    Sushi, vodka and a lovely prize – I’m so glad I came to your party Shai :-)
    Will email you with my snail mail address now.
    Thanks again!

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    Wow wow wow!!! *does the dance of joy*

    A color that describes me best: Pastel Green
    Another word I love: Home
    Do I want my name on the journal? Hell yeah!

    Wow super thanks Shai!!! I’m emailing you my snail mail right now. Ooooh!

    Congrats to Em and Amy too!!! :)

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    Yay!!! Congrats to all the winners… great party, Shai! :)
    Mmmm… sushi… and that drink looks good too! Once again, dancing on the table… ;) heeheehee!

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    Thanks a lot Shai! This is such a pleasant surprise.

    My favorite color is red. I love the word life. And please put my name on the cover too.


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