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    Wow… I’m so honored! I want to thank…. oh darn, I lost my speech… :)

    Anyhow, I’d like to donate the moolah. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona just rescued 800 animals from a trailer (?!?) and they could use some extra funding for all the treatments. Since I’m an animal lover, I think this would be a great fit and more beneficial than me adding to my stash of things. Here’s the link to PayPal donate: http://www.hssaz.org/membership_donate.html

    The story broke my heart. It was everything the hubby could do to keep me from packing the car and driving across country to rescue a pup and help out.

    Thanks again Shai for hosting such a wonderful community project!

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      Jami: Done. They didn’t ask for a message, though… so I couldn’t input any of your details. :( Happy to forward my receipt to you. And, what a great cause! Thanks for that!

      And, thank YOU for being such a wonderful part of this project. I love doing this. Really revived me as a blogger – and as an active part not just of the blogging community. But, a worldwide community. That’s why I’m grateful for all 52WoC participants for that! :-D

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    Congrats, Jami! And kudos for choosing such a great cause. :)
    Woohoo!!!… great party, Shai!… if I still drank alcohol, I’d be drunk and dancing on a table by now! ;)

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    Toni, Justing, & Em Dy: Thank you all so much too. It’s always a pleasure to know that you’re enjoying this project. I’m really really pleased as well when 52WoCers begin to make friends with each other and all that. Soooo cool! Again, thanks! Really appreciate that you’re a part of this!

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