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    Reconnections is just the theme for me- I have just reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen properly for 7 years! We had tried to get together before, sometimes passing in the supermarket with a quick hello and “Let’s meet up again”, but had never succeeded! Now we’re trying to re-establish things by meeting about once a month- had our second meeting last Friday. We’ve both suffered depression for many years, have had similar jobs, but she has stopped work and is on a disability pension from her old employer now. We discovered that some of our interests had diverged slightly, but really we are much the same as we were!

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    There’s somebody I use to be close with several years ago who I’ve since lost track of. Our lives headed in different geographic locations to say the least. I was pleased to see their name pop up on facebook the other day and have sent a friend request hoping to reconnect with one another :-)

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    just lately i tried to reconnect with my high school buddies. and im so glad that technology today really is a big help. i found some of them through friendster and i was able to talked to others through their cellular phone. i’m so happy to know their whereabouts and their achievements. we actually organized an alumni homecoming which is scheduled today.

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    I’m reconnecting with a passion rather than a person, but there are people involved. I’m joining a group of craft people that I’ve only known via the net so far and we are going to try to make it a regular thing. As I mentioned to you a while back I’ve been very sick for a few months now and have finally started to feel a bit better so I’m reconnecting with a part of me that I’ve neglected (to my detriment I think too.) Our first meeting is on June 10 so fingers crossed it goes well and we can do it more often. :)

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    I belong to a Flickr group but haven’t been able to participate for quite sometime. Last time I submitted a photo was Week 3 and they’re now on Week 12. I finally gotten around to submitting a photo again. I wonder if I can keep it up this time around. Taking themed self portraits are fun. :-D

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    I’ve been thinking about reconnecting with my old CRON (Calorie Restriction – Optimal Nutrition) buddies. I started LifeCandy as a health-nutrition blog as I was inspired by the other blogs in the CRON community. I miss that old group of folks where we’d watch out for each other’s health and well-being.
    Love this idea, Shai. :)

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    I have actually started to reconnect with my loom knitting.. making some more time to try things.. so far it hasn’t turned out like I thought but hey, that’s part of the fun!

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    I’m attempting to reconnect with my blog… not working out so great right now, but I’m getting there! Have plenty of ideas for posts, but suffering technical difficulties. On a more serious note, with regards to connecting with old friends, this is something I intentionally don’t do, so at first I wasn’t so keen on this task. Many of my friends from my adult life in my home town are not worth reconnecting with, there are specific reasons I disconnected with them in the first place when I moved away. School life was also a total drag, hated every minute of it, which is odd considering I love learning, but the social side of things, meh, not so much fun (btw my kids will NOT be attending a single sex school!). I also keep my friends lists on FB and twitter relatively short, I can’t stand having friends for the sake of numbers and who I never actually converse with. However, I can report that I am (very selectively) reconnecting with some people that are popping up on facebook, and now have a few ‘friends’ on my friend list from primary, intermediate and high school. It’s a start, maybe I’ll even talk to them sometime!

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      Hi, Nicola. Blog reconnection sounds good. I wish you all the best with it. And, the friends reconnection – you never know. Maybe something great will come off it too. :-)

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    I have reconnected with an old friend that I grew up with. We moved apart geographically and slowly lost touch. It felt like we never lost touch as we get along so well. I am also reconnecting with a blog I started a couple of years ago and let fizzle. I started working with it this week and will launch it next week. :)