52WoC #32: NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo Time!

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityI’ve always wanted to try NaNoWriMo. But, it scares me. It’s just that the thought of spending everyday writing a novel just freaks me out a bit.

Well, I thought I’d give it a whirl this year. I don’t intend to write a massive “great novel” – just something to play with in my ‘off hours’. I don’t even expect to ‘win’ and complete it. But, we’ll see how that goes…

And, in the spirit of blogging, I decided to try and to join its cousin, NaBloPoMo. I know I tried to do daily blogging in the beginning of this year. But, I fell off the wagon by April. This November, I hope to complete another 30 days of daily blogging.

So, for this week’s 52 Weeks of Blog Community, I encourage 52WoCers to join either one of these two events (or be crazy like me and try to join both?).

If you decide to join in the fun, leave a comment here with your NaBloPoMo/NaNoWriMo profile link and you’ll be counted as a participant.

For now, here’s a round-up of last week’s participants in 52WoC #31: Email a Blogger

Thanks again, everyone.

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    Oh dear! I only have a few hours to decide whether to do this or not. I had the idea of doing themed days last year when I considered doing Nablopomo – posting red photos on Red Wednesday and a list of things I am grateful on Gratitude Friday – so perhaps I could actually give it a go this year.

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    I have the same approach you do. I want to write every day , but since i have no plot it will not be a novel this year.

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    Looks like I’m not a true fit for NaBloPoMo. I write every weekday, but do not always have an article ready to post. Our weekends are already committed long term. And I’m not writing a novel, though the length of most of my articles sometimes makes me feel like I am. 😉 So for now I guess I am not a good fit for NaNoWriMo either. But I love the idea of both of them and will bookmark them to come back later. Good luck to the rest of you and I’ll see you on the next 52WoC! P.S. I have been having a blast with the e-mails from last time!

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    Melissa W: That’s definitely a great idea! I’m actually planning something similar. :-) So, shall I count you as a participant?

    iHanna: I have no plot either, to be honest. The daily blogging, I have a general idea of a ‘theme’ or plan. But, the novel, I’m definitely winging it. 😀 So, are you doing NaBloPoMo?

    Laurel Plum: I understand. I’ve hesitated doing these things for years. But, this year is my “give it a go” year – so I’m jumping in, even if I don’t end up with the results I’d like. 😉 And I’m glad you’re enjoying the email tasks still. Thanks for letting me know!

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    Hi Shai
    I remembered about NaNoWriMo this morning and I’m also toying with the idea. The most difficult part is deciding on a plot. I mean, if I am going to be spending my spare time doing this, I want to enjoy it :)
    Love your creative ambition to do both projects! Not sure I will join the blogging project, but I have been thinking about the need to blog more often., just as a way to force myself to write each day and enjoy blogging.

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    I’m actually doing both (crazy!) I signed up for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo the other day. I’m trying to blog every day at She Knows Parties.

    I’ve had a mystery-romance novel floating around in my head, and outlined for about a year now. I hope this will give me some motivation to get my notes organized into chapters.

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    I’m making up my own rules, cos I missed the first two days, and every day blogging when I can go months without is scary! So I’m pledging to blog every week day and we’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll make the weekends too. Have already started off with a bang, day’s 1 and 2 completed. I’m not going to sign up for a profile seeing as I’m not technically blogging EVERY day, but hope it still counts for 52WoC! :-) GL to everyone else.