52WoC #31: Email a Blogger

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityBelieve it or not, I haven’t forgotten about 52 Weeks of Blog Community. I know it may seem like. But, truth is, things are just really hectic right now. So, I keep postponing the creation of new tasks and the rounding up of old ones. And, don’t we all know that procrastination just makes things more difficult. Argh.

So, here we are again. On task #31. Entering Round #8. Woohoo.

Yes, starting from today’s task, we’re having a new set of prizes for Party #8. So, watch out for the post on that. Not to mention, our virtual party posts. I now owe you parties #6 & #7. We’ll make it happen! :-)

Anyway, for Task #31, the mission is simple: Email a blogger that you’ve never talked to before. It can be someone totally new that you’ve just accidentally stumbled upon during blog hopping. Or, it can be someone who writes a blog that you’ve been reading for a while, but you’ve never left a comment or a message.

I try to do this exercise on a regular basis. It really helps to expand my network of contacts and friends. If I had more time, I’ll definitely do it more often. As it stands, I try to write to a new blogger that I’ve never been contact with before at least once a week.

If you do this task this week, please let us know by commenting in this post. If you want to share the URL of the blogger you’ve written to, that’ll be cool. But, if you just want to tell us, “Yes, I’ve emailed a new blogger today.” – then that’s cool too.

I wish you all well in meeting new bloggers!

Anyway, thanks again to all the participants from 52WoC #30: Blog Action Day. Here’s our round-up –

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    Actually I have to be taken out of consideration for the previous round. I wrote a great post but I forgot to post it! I did, however, donate non-perishable food from our pantry, clothes from our wardrobe and some out of favour toys to a church playgroup down the road.
    On to this round though. I emailed a blogger I have been following for years – http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/ – and let her know how much I loved her Stitchettes and dolls and that I admired how much she was able to do while looking after her two kids.

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    I’ve been following H. Severino in his tv docu show and been reading his blog, too! I never tried to comment on his page as much as much as I loved it more reading his very interesting insights. Well, your activity today just gave me an idea. I emailed him, applauding him for hosting such humane show and for sharing his thoughts through his blog.


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