52WoC #30: Blog Action Day ’08

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityYes, it has been a while since our last installment of 52 Weeks of Blog Community project. Lots of work and duties have come up since our last one, so I keep getting distracted. Soooo sorry. I’ve missed you all 52WoCers!

In any case, we’re here now. With a new task. And yes, it’s all about Blog Action Day 2008.

You see, I’ve recently signed up to participate in this event to raise awareness about a particular subject. This year, the theme is Poverty. It is my first time to participate in this project. And, I’m really wondering what’s the best way to do this.

So, as part of my participation, I thought I’d ask you all to join in through this 52WoC project. How? Well, in a nutshell: Just follow either Part 1 or Part 2 ideas (or do both, if you like!).

Part 1:

1) If you’ve already signed up to join Blog Action Day, just let us know that you’ve decided to participate with your specific blog/s. You’ll be considered a participant in this week’s task pronto.
blog-action-day.jpg2) If you haven’t signed up yet, perhaps you might consider doing so. If you do, just tell us all about. :-)

3) If you don’t – or can’t – sign up to join, that’s OK too. If you end up supporting it in any other way (by donating, spreading the word, etc), just let us know too and you can be listed in this week’s task.

Part 2:

This is just an optional thing if you decide Part 1 isn’t for you. But, even if you do participate in Part 1, you’re also welcome to join Part 2 for extra points. 😉

Anyway – in this part, I just encourage you all to share ideas on what bloggers can do to make their 15th of October blog posts on poverty interesting. Or creative. Or special. You get the picture.

Basically, this part is all about idea-sharing.

So, what do you say? Are you taking part in Blog Action Day ’08?

Remember: These are our Prize Giveaways for this 52WoC round . And yes, this is the last task for Round #7.

Now, on to last task’s participants on 52WoC #29: It’s Blog Meme (or Group Project) Time! (real great turn out, everyone – yay!)

Woohoo! Really great task, that one. I enjoyed everyone’s participation and suggestions. I’m also pleased to welcome Alicia, Joolliee, Monnie, and Grace to 52WoC! So glad to have new folks on board. Thanks again, everyone!

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  1. says

    I signed up to participate with http://www.mentalhealthnotes.com, but I still haven’t made any final decisions about my blog post. I’ve already covered ways to get low cost or free mental health services and medications several times at the blog, so I’m hoping to have a spark of genius between now and then so that I can either a) have some new idea, or b) at the very least, cover the old idea in a more interesting way, haha.

  2. says

    Hmmm I definitely wrote a comment on your meme post but it isn’t there. Weird. Anyway I’ve signed up for Blog Action Day again and I think the way I am going to participate is to actually act against poverty in some way as well as blog about it. Currently I am thinking of a micro loan through one of the groups that provide them – I just have to determine who is legitimate and well established enough for me to trust my money with them.

  3. says

    hi. i put the banner on my side bar.

    “I just encourage you all to share ideas on what bloggers can do to make their 15th of October blog posts on poverty interesting. Or creative. Or special. You get the picture.�

    OMG. Being a product of a less fortunate family I want to share some ideas, hardship that we encountered and how we dealt with every situation. But my problem is I do not know how to write my ideas clearly. So, please bear with me but still I want to try my best to do it.

    Here, I may say that a blogger may conduct an interview or have some documentation of the daily lives of the less fortunate people. How people deal their situation? Do people end up marrying at an early age to escape (as other people may think) their current situation or do people continue to strive and look for another option to lessen up the hardship that they have?

    As I said earlier, I came from a poor family. But despite everything, I tried my best to finish my studies and have a stable job. When almost all the people around me thought that I may end up marrying at an early age, I showed to them that they were all wrong. I looked for some good souls ( a million thanks to them) who let me work and study at the same time. And here I am today, got my diploma and have a good job. Enjoying a happy life!

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    I’m considering joining in for Oct. 15. Melissa W.’s intent to do a micro loan (and if I recall something about micro loans on the website for Blog Action Day?) had me look into micro loans in my neighborhood. There’s a neighborhood coffee shop that got it’s start that way, and I may blog about that.

  5. says

    Sasha: Yay! Thanks. :)

    Alicia: You did a great job. Thank you.

    Melissa: Hmmm – that IS weird. Sorry about that. Next time, if it happens again, please alert me so I can try to find it. Sometimes, comments seem to get caught accidentally by Akismet. Anyway, thanks again.

    blue rose: Thank you for sharing. I can definitely empathise. You’re doing great! :-)

    Lynn: Thanks for participating. Hope you found it worthwhile!
    Easton: Did what I can. And, it was good. Well done on putting together a great event. Looking forward to next year!