52WoC #20: Let’s Hear You!

52 Weeks of Blog Community Hello and welcome to another 52 Weeks of Blog Community task. And, since this is going to be another 52WoCer-submitted task, I thought I’d start off by sharing last week’s participants (52WoC#19: Suggest a Theme)

  • Toni– who suggested audio posts
  • Kari– who suggested holding a blog contest or blog drawing
  • Lynn Stevens – who suggested a flickr + words mashup
  • Nicola – who suggested the ‘suggest a theme’ AND a book club week (or Top 10 books Recommendation)

So, we’ll be working through these suggestions along the way. Thanks again, everyone! And, of course, you’re welcome to keep suggesting new ideas.

Anyway, for this week, we’re taking on Toni’s challenge of sharing an audio post. I’ve done this before, but it’s probably high time for me to do another one. :-) So, I’m definitely planning on doing that this week. And, I hope you will do so too. When you’ve posted your audio posts, do share the link here.

Looking forward to hear your voices!

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  1. says

    OK I’ve done my video blog and posted it to my site. Pretty amateurish stuff but short and hopefully entertaining. I’m trying out the embedded video through Blogger rather than my usual YouTube link so fingers crossed it works.
    My video blog