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    I’d love to give this post some link love because I think it’s interesting going back in the artchives to read what you yourself just wrote and I too would encourage people to do that. I did it with my blog book, and I learned so much about what I write about, what I don’t want to write or repeat over and over again etc etc. :-)

    During March the post that might interest the most people is my review about the book CRAFTING A BUSINESS:

    It’s a lovely book, so read the review and then the book! :-)

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    Oh crap, so I was too late? I gave an award, very early yesterday morning…. I think that maybe comment filters are with holding my comments, so if you get this comment, can you check your spam filter? Ta :-) March was a pretty bad blog posting month for me, but I like this one, it’s my initial, and rather unusually ordered, thoughts on what the future might hold for me career wise:
    Off to visit Hanna’s post….

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    i couldn’t agree more on amypalko’s fave blog entry. there is really no such thing as an ordinary life and no one is actually ordinary ;) loved it!

    my fave post for march would have to be the launch of my Sunday Confessions series. i had second thoughts about posting this first confession as it is quite personal but decided what the heck. my blog. my thoughts.

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    Loved sushi’s post! :) We’ve all gone through something similar, I’m sure. I know I have! I’m just not as brave as sushi to post it… especially since I know that my first crush reads my blog! (He occasionally plays foosball with my hubby. Despite the fact that this guy has become a good friend, we haven’t talked about my “crush” days.)

    My favourite post of March is my Earth Hour: Family Fun By Candelight post. Instead of being at different corners of the house doing different things, we were close together at the same table being a family. My kids were so into it, and I’m so proud that they want to do it again!

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    Hi, everyone! Thanks again for sharing your Best Posts of the Month. ‘am off to do our round-up & send you all some love. Extra special lovin’ will go to last commenter, Nenette. ;) Will close this week’s task now. Thanks again!