5 Things I Love Right Now

things I love

So, I’ve shared this month’s theme that I am exploring. And, since this week’s word is “love”, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write one of my Friday Five lists. And yes, focussing on things that I love right now.

1. My Family – Yes, it’s a boring way to start this list. After all, I always love my family. Nothing new there. But, I am appreciating them a bit more right now for a number of reasons. Including the fact that they’re the ones that help to keep me together whenever I feel like falling apart. And, yes, there has been some rough moments lately.

2. Going back to art-making. Not only did I convert our laundry room in to an art studio/laundry room a few weeks ago, as well as started doing some more art, I also decided to go back to learning the basics of art-making.

And with that, I ended up signing up for a beginner’s art class again at a local boutique art school / studio. Only been to lesson so far but I am loving it. In fact, I am slowly getting into the habit of doing some kind of creative pursuit daily.

Yes, at the minimum, I try to work on my daily photo + daily hand lettering projects. I don’t feel like I’m getting far with my photography at this stage, but I am glad that my hand lettering seems to be developing. And, I am really loving it.

3. My work – And, not in an obsessive workaholic fashion (which I am prone to do)… More like: “I really appreciate my work right now where I feel like I am still developing and accomplishing things professionally, but at the same time, I get to enjoy life with family, art-making more.” Yes. That’s the kind of love I am feeling for my work at Vervely at the moment.

Work is not stress-free in any way, but it is not stressful either. And, the good thing about working for myself: I have the liberty of saying that I work for the best boss ever. After all, who else will let me skive off for most of Monday to go on a walk/picnic with my sister by the beach and then a mini shop + talking dreams and the future on a perfect sunny day – after a morning of art?

Since I put some things in to place and I know I can catch up on work later in the day, it was a moment that I can enjoy guilt-free. After aforementioned rough patches, I really needed that kind of day.

4. Work-from-a-Cafe Days – Studies seem to show that working from cafes or a cafe-like environment can help to boost productivity and well-being of workers. Since I primarily work from my home office, I have come to the conclusion that allocating at least one day a week to work in a cafe or cafe-like environment would be good for my system.

Ideally, coworking would have been a great solution. But, due to a few things that have come up from that exploration, I am now back to being primarily a work-from-home professional. Not that I’m complaining!

While I still miss some of the great things about being part of an office environment full time, I have come to love doing this solopreneur life again. I like the fact that I can work in bed if I want to. And adjust the cooling or heating system to my liking. Or to have the TV on in the background if I want.

And yes, to go out and spend a good part of my day working from cafes. That’s why I’m out to come up with a list of good cafes to work from in Adelaide. So far, I only have one on the list. But, I have only started exploring, so I’ll try to report back as soon as I find a few more.

5. Journaling – Really, I do. I think I have never journaled so much in a long time. I think it goes with the rough patches and the ‘slowing down’ moments. But yes, I am currently journaling in a number of places, on top of my daily blog. I have paper journals, sketchbooks (where I even do dream journal entries), digital journals, and art journals. And, I love it. I’ve missed doing this… Missed having time to do other things, not just work.

Oh, and yes, that digital journal page prompt? I’m making it available as a free download for subscribers of my e-newsletter, “Notes from Shai“. Yes, it’s currently experiencing publication delay due to unexpected circumstances. But, I am determined to publish the first issue before the end of this month.

How about you? What are you loving right now?

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    I’m pleased to hear you are enjoying the class. I’m tempted to try one myself so I can practice using my good (non-dominant) hand for more tasks. I’ve been getting back into a better routine with journaling too, though sometimes that means waiting for days when writing isn’t so difficult. In the meantime, I’ve been reading piles of books and loving getting lost in other worlds :)
    Kari recently posted..Bad CompanyMy Profile

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      Sounds like a great time for regrouping and all that, Kari! I do find inspiration when taking classes. I’m addicted to learning. Even online classes (the good ones) can be helpful. So, if it’s something you’re interested in, do give it a go. And keep us posted. :)

  2. says

    Hmmm, I have the same 3 items in my list (1, 3 and 5). I have yet to find the chance to do #2 (I’m currently working on a project to be launched in Q2) and I can’t afford to do #4 at this time ’cause my toddler and I are still joined at the hip. For now, I relish the mornings spent at the dining table, writing an article with a cup of coffee on the side. : )
    Connie recently posted..Candice in her 2nd term at Junior KinderMy Profile

    • says

      That’s cool, Connie! And, I can’t blame you. I wouldn’t be out and about in cafes if I still had a toddler too. :) Looking forward to the project launch!

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    I’ve never been able to work from a cafe. I tried doing some work from a Barnes & Noble bookstore once and that didn’t work either. But I was able to do some work from the library; I guess it felt more like a workplace because of the quiet, and they didn’t have cookies. lol

    Nicely shared; right now I don’t think I could come up with 5 things, and that’s a shame. I might have to think about it some.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..How Do You Accept Criticism?My Profile

    • says

      Lol on the temptation of cookies, Mitch! :) Working from cafes is a new thing for me. I do like it quiet when I work, so it’s a different way of thinking. Have to adjust what I can work on when I’m in public. I’ve actually been thinking about trying the library as well. Except, I might get too distracted by the books! :) And aw… Hope you get to your 5 things soon too.