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    My plan is to have a craft giveaway for my blog anniversary based on my craft loves. A few balls of wool, a block of Sculpey, some vintage fabric fat quarters, even a Sublime Stitching pack.

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    I am in sales and I do “promotions” of all kinds, extra product’s etc. Every time I do a promotion my business will increase. i may lose a little money on the promotion, however I will get it back 10 fold in increased sales!

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    Yes i remember how popular gmail invites were at that time, and people used to ask some service or participation in the contest for giving away a gmail invite.

    Btw paypal money and ad spaces is a regular trend in the present days!

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    In regards to scoring free goodies for giveaways, do you have any further tips? I’ve been trying to find spots for product testing and other places for products to give away, but haven’t had much luck.

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