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Garden Frolic on Red Bubble - Surface Pattern on Homeware and Gadgets

A New Adventure in Surface Pattern Design

 1. Throw Pillow 2. Travel Mug 3. Mug (Standard) 4. Mug (Tall) 5. Tote Bag 6. iPhone Case 7. iPad Case 8. Galaxy Phone Case Coming up with my own surface pattern design was something that I've always wanted to do. But, I had no idea how to get started. With my improved digital art making abilities … [Read More...]


Tea Party Clip Art Set: Now Available on Etsy

Hello, friends. It’s Day 4 of ‘A Week In The Life 2014’ today and I’m meant to be doing a Day 3 recap. But, I must admit, it’s feeling pretty lonely, trying to do WITL on my own this year. So, I thought that even though I plan to continue taking photos and notes (I have been doing so for four … [Read More...]

Day 2, Week In the Life 2014

A Week In The Life 2014: Day 2

As day after crazy day goes by this week, I’m really wondering if I’m going to survive this year’s attempt at ‘A Week In The Life’. I know I often say that most of my weeks are crazy. But, I think this week is particularly so, with so many things happening that are out of our usual routines – … [Read More...]


A Week In The Life 2014: Day 1

  It’s only Day 2 of ‘A Week In The Life’ today and already, I’m wondering if I did the right thing to do it this week. But, I’m hoping that by the end of this week (and onwards), I’ll be glad that I decided to try and record daily living, even though my week is already feeling crazy. In … [Read More...]

A Week In The Life 2014

A Week In The Life 2014

It's meant to be Monday Morning Weekly Walk blog post today. But, I'm postponing my check-in 'til tomorrow to make way for this instead - Hello, A Week In The Life 2014! Part of me is excited and another part is a bit scared to commit to another one of these week-long day-to-day life photo + … [Read More...]

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