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Iris in Vase: Oil Painting on Canvas

Falling In Love With Oil Painting

Oil painting has always intimidated me. I guess, somehow, I started thinking that only "Proper Artists" can paint in oils. I tried to overcome that crazy notion about 12 years ago when I took my first oil painting class at one of the top art schools in Singapore, when I was living there. It was … [Read More...]


Van Gogh Painting With My Girl

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. - Vincent Van Gogh There’s no doubt about it: Out of all the master artists, I love Vincent Van Gogh the best.  His work has always resonated with me even long before I understood art theory and history. I’ve read books and watched documentaries all … [Read More...]

Italy on Instax

Italy Instant Film Photography

I've been back from my Italy trip for almost 3 months now. I've been meaning to blog about it, but the whole project overwhelms me. So, I keep procrastinating. Well, it seems like procrastinating. In reality, I guess, I have been working on my Italy posts. I've put finishing touches in my travel … [Read More...]

Doodle Quotes No. 1

Inspired Words No. 1: First Marks

Over the last week, I've picked up my pen to start practicing doodling again. I've been sketching every day and painting regularly nowadays - but haven't done much doodling. Since most of my sketching is done from life (only occasionally from photos) and my paintings are based on photos or from … [Read More...]


Chilli, Lime, and Garlic Sauce: An Illustrated Recipe

Last night, while making dinner for the family, I couldn’t help but grab my watercolour pad, pencil, pen and paints when I saw these items on my kitchen counter – garlic, chillis, and lime.  I just finished making the chilli, lime, and garlic sauce that goes so well with the Chicken Rice meal I was … [Read More...]

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