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Be Kind To Your Creative Self

“Stop being too critical of your creative efforts. Be your own best friend and fan. Love what you do – no matter how imperfect. The kinder you are to yourself, the more you will create. The more you create, the better you’ll be.” These words started running around in my mind today as I was doing my … [Read More...]


Life, Inspired

After 15 years of blogging (fourteen here, at, you'd think I'd have it all figured out by now. Truth is: I can never keep this blog the same way as when I first started. Or, when I decided to change it the first time. Or the second. And so forth. How can I? I'm not exactly the … [Read More...]

Rome, Italy

On Blogging, Holidays, and Procrastination

Italy just feels like a dream now that I've been back in Australia for a month. Many times, over the last few weeks, I've attempted to write something here to record the memories from that trip here on this blog. But, words fail me. With hundreds of photos (and I'm not even exaggerating!), … [Read More...]


Travel Sketching Kit

Who knew that one of the most time-consuming parts of preparing for my upcoming trip to Italy is figuring out what would go into my travel sketching kit? When you’re an art supplies hoarder like I am, it’s a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones are ‘essential art stuff’ and which ones can … [Read More...]

Autumn Day in Adelaide Suburbs - May 2014

8 Things For A Belated May Check-In

When I'm having trouble getting back to blogging due to a long absence, I find that I can often ease back into it through lists. So, here's my list of the moment. 1. May means a dry spell when it comes to personal projects and social media use. I haven't been keeping up with Project Life, … [Read More...]

Inspired To Create


Drawing Inspiration

When it comes to art-making, drawing is my least favourite thing. In fact, drawing scares me. Partly because I know that it's not really a strength. … [Read More...]

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