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Today: Life guided journal on Amazon

Get Today: Life Guided Journal On Amazon!

Yes. Remember that post when I said that my book, Today: Life guided journal is about to be available? Well, a few days ago, I received my very own copy in the flesh - Needless to say, I was sooo excited. It almost felt surreal. And now, the next step has happened: It's now available for … [Read More...]

Today Guided Journals: Life Edition

Coming Soon: Today Guided Journals (Life Edition)

It has been a long-time dream: Writing and publishing books. I've managed to do it once so far. A children's book published back in 2000 by a small publisher in Singapore. 15 years ago. It was exciting to find a book I've written on the shelves of a shop! However, that feat has not been … [Read More...]

SALA Festival 2015

Taking Part in SALA Festival 2015

  It's SALA Festival season in Adelaide! For all of August, there will be several South Australian Living Artists exhibits and events happening all around the state. And, this year, I am taking part! Through my local art studio, Splashout Art Studios, I am showing one of my paintings … [Read More...]

Hello, Old Friend.

Why blogs are like best friends.

Most of my best friends live far away. We're separated not just by suburbs, cities, and states. We're countries and continents apart. That's why I don't get to chat with them as often as I'd like outside of Facebook comments and likes. The beauty of best friends though, is that even if catch-ups … [Read More...]

Floral Dreams - Expressive Blooms Oil Painting

Floral Dreams and My Return to Art Exhibiting and Selling

When I returned to painting a couple of years ago, I knew I wanted to create art just for the sake of creating art. No expectations. No dreams of becoming an 'Artist' with a capital A. No plans of selling or exhibiting. Just me, getting back in touch with this side of my life. Last year, things … [Read More...]

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Best Books of 2013

When I asked my friends and contacts on social media last year about the best books that they've read for the year, I didn't quite expect to get so … [Read More...]

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